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Raja Cheyyi Vesthe Movie Reviews

Raja Cheyyi Vesthe Review

Raja Cheyyi Vesthe Review, What’s Behind: Nara Rohit’s unmatched battle with Box Office for a right hit has now reached RCV. This film also has Nandamuri Taraka Rathna playing the villain character in direction of debutant Pradeep Chilukuri. Produced by Sai Korrapati of Varahi banner, below is our detailed review.

Raja Cheyyi Vesthe Story: All it begins with introduction of Manik (Taraka Rathna) as a merciless, barbaric killer working for local MLAs and Ministers. His rivals all around are burning with vengeance. On other side, struggling assistant director Raja Ram (Nara Rohit) receives a parcel from anonymous director asking to write a love story for one of his future films. Thus comes in Chaithra (Isha Talwar), girlfriend to Raja Ram. Another fine day, Raja Ram encounters big shock when one more parcel from same director had a pistol and letter ordering him to kill Manik. Did Raja Ram follow the decree? Who is this anonymous director? How is Chaithra’s flashback hitched to Manik?

Raja Cheyyi Vesthe Artists and Technicians: Interestingly Pradeep Chilukuri’s story had thrilling elements rightly placed in it. With well established villain and hero characters, narration graph and screenplay were on a roll. Heavy buildup shots on hero, villain although looked over-board but stylish element and technical methodology adopted elevated the grandeur. After such weighty character establishment, Pradeep’s weakness in story pulled energy levels down and down. Screenplay slides to lowest ebb on self-depreciation. Direction wise, Pradeep’s inexperience and untutored approach made whole plot insensitive. Bhaskar Samala’s camera work is exquisite. Stylish shot composing and tight close ups have helped a lot. Thammi Raju’s editing gave best shot to bring coherence in story by assembling three individually etched characters of hero, heroine and villain. Sai Kartheek’s re-recording was loud and songs wise, couple of them largely inspired by old Ilayaraja’s old hits. Dragon Prakash stunt composition needs a special applause and so is dance direction from Prem Rakshit because Rohit for the first time troubled his body. Production standards from Varahi and Sai Korrapati are first rate.

Nandamuri Taraka Rathna got a meaty role. This is much more like a blessing at right time for a bounce back into industry. With elegantly looking contemporary fashion attires, Tarak shined as a deadly villain. His body language was absolutely right. However, problems related to poor diction and weak dialogue modulation exposed inherent weaknesses. Rohit’s biggest drawback in body heaviness yet again proved dismal. His innocent looks, clever mind game, comic timing, dances have improved but drowsy and spherically oblong facial attributes have done the damage. Isha Talwar is a weak link. Shivaji Raja surprised as hero’s father. Sashank as SI does well. Rajeev Kanakala’s cameo in flashback added value to story. Rohit friends’ batch entertained to an extent. Rest of the artist team is just fine.

Raja Cheyyi Vesthe Rating Analysis: Current generation young talents are coming up with interesting story ideas and old scenes treated with new touch. Pradeep Chilukuri had a brilliant take off taking nearly 32 minutes just to introduce three main characters in story that is hero, villain and heroine. However, conflict needed to tether these characters into a powerful plot has misfired. Pradeep’s novel, humorous romantic track entertained in first half. The orphanage and church episodes are funny and thoroughly enjoyed. Besides all, the most crucial interval block was feebly handled. First half was held more on role establishment and entertainment quotient with many ends left loose. Interval left a big bunch of question marks and second half needed all those hooks to answer.

Beginning on a serious note, a well composed and modish graveyard action episode sets the pitch for second half followed by an average flashback gone haywire. Here on, narrative follows a conventional path with twists and turns opened one by one with thoughtless stuff pumped in. Towards pre climax, Pradeep again shined with mind game and finally, climax left the best impact.

Overall, RCV suffers with an uninspiring story and frail screenplay with few interesting twists, turns. High production standards, decent technical values and stylish presentation blanketed the drawbacks in lead artists. Commercially, this product is hard to recover the massive investment made. Except a pressure relief for Taraka Rathna and Pradeep Chilukuri’s skills exhibited in bits and pieces, this film is just average.