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Love Touch Movie Reviews

Love Touch Review

Story :

The ‘story’ of this film is quite elementary. There is only motive – to set up scenes which have scope for double meaning dialogues, boys vs girls episodes, and some crude humour. The film revolves around a group who study at a spoken English center. There are some interesting character names like ‘Bata’, ‘Java’ etc.
Fish Venkat is also a student at the center. His sister elopes with her lover and she is aided by the heroine (Druthi). This event is recorded on a cell phone by the hero, who then uses that footage to blackmail the heroine and extract revenge. As expected, one thing leads to another and some romantic track is created for these two.
Then there is Bata. He falls in love with a girl who wants him to show a ‘perfect love pair’. Bata tries to come up with many examples and fails. But he ultimately succeeds.
With these hackneyed lines, a story is woven and the film is taken to its climax.

Plus Points :

I have tried my best to think hard and look at the bright side of things. But there just does not seem to be anything nice to say about this movie. In the end, I could only think of Fish Venkat. He is perhaps the only guy in the film who has done some justice to his ‘role’.
Minus Points :
This is a cheap excuse of a film. The basic aim of the film is to mint money with the help of sleaze. There is no plot. There is no other motive. With dialogues like “Evaru ra aa ammay? Masala dattinchina grilled chicken laga undhi”, you can get an idea about where this film is going.
The film’s lead actors are very wooden. They just deliver the crass lines with deadpan expressions. The comedy is atrociously bad. Some of the actors who appear as the friends of the hero and heroine look positively hideous.
The same old cliches and sequences used in films like ‘Ee Rojullo’ and ‘Oka Romantic Crime Katha’ have been used in this movie. Even the dialogues are the same. Eg – “Nadhi dual sim.Khaali Ledhu” says a girl. The boy’s response – “Parledhu, triple SIM pettuko”.

Technical Aspects :

Cinematography of the film is ok. Dialogues are atrocious and downright vulgar. Background score is too loud. Production values of the film are very poor. Sri Chand is the director of this film and his work is not impressive. He needs to work on coming up with better scripts and stories if he wants to make a positive impression.
Verdict :

‘Love Touch’ is a downright cheap project. The film has ridiculous dialogues, poor performances and cliched sequences. You can safely avoid this film. ‘Love Touch’ may pull in some revenues from C centers, but it is still an atrocious project.