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Rojulu Marayi Review

Rojulu Marayi Story: Adhya (Kruthika) and Rambha (Tejaswi) are two close friends sharing same room in a ladies hostel. While Adhya is little innocent, Rambha is a Kanchu in playing with guys. Peter (Parvatheesham) sacrifices his job for winning Rambha’s love but in turn she exploits him by caring for another guy. Same with Adhya because rich kid Aswath (Chetan) loves her sincerely, in turn she loves some other guy. During a trip to Srisailam, a powerful Baba forecasts the future of Adhya, Rambha becoming widows within three days after marriage. To eliminate Aswath and Peter from their lives Adhya and Rambha marry them. What’s the deadly sketch from Adhya, Rambha that took Aswath, Peter lives? What happened to their future?

Rojulu Marayi Artists and Technicians: Maruthi is popular for springing surprises using a relatively low scar cast. His story, screenplay stood the major highlight of ‘Rojulu Marayi’ which could have been one more ‘Prema Katha Chithram,’ if handled with more care. Ravi Varma Namburi’s dialogues are a major strength with naughty one-liners and double entendres thrown at regular intervals. Director Muralli Krishna appears to have followed the inputs from Maruthi to complete the project half baked. He handled comedy and thrills very well with an immature casting team. With a harsh to absorb reality dose, Maruthi is clever to put girls in a cleverer group of species than boys. Such elements strike easily with current generation. However, all the hard work done in first half is drained into Musi with sloppy second half for which Murali Krishna and Maruthi should be equally blamed. Bal Reddy cranked the camera in new angles (on Tejaswi) thus brightening the screen with colorful visuals. SB Uddhav’s editing was sharp and clean with missing mark in second half. JB’s musical score is a routine fare. Maruthi Talkies, Good Cinema Group and Sri Venkateshwara Creations production values are competitive.

On to performances, Parvatheesham that is ‘Kerintha’ Nooka Raju is the show stealer. All the frolicking fun in first half should be credited to Nooka Raju. He showed a natural flair in throwing the dialogues with energy and timing. This guy has the qualities to shine in future. Chetan is downplayed and failed to make a dominating presence before Parvatheesham’s camaraderie. Tejaswi Madivada had those cunning looks with flaunting curves required for the character. Kruthika was beautiful in portraying the innocence. Vasu Inturi spoofing ‘Drishyam’ Venkatesh was hilarious. Raja Ravindra was also fine.

Rojulu Marayi Rating Analysis: In sync with the movie title, days have changed in modern film making. Enjoying early profits is only motto of producers forcing them to experiment on differently creative, engaging concepts within restricted budgets with a limited casting. Of course, Maruthi is known for such meticulous designs. ‘Rojulu Marayi’ yet again showcases the commercial attitude of Maruthi in tarnishing the image of contemporary youthful female population. This might sound degrading and regressive but that is how Box Office works.

Right from showcasing Tejaswi, Kruthika as dangerously criminal minded girls to sympathizing Parvatheesham, Chetan; all the comic episodes written between these four made the first half refreshing. The thrill aspect in Baba’s words and planned murders may sound odd yet it’s the dissimilar treatment keeps us excited with a smart screenplay and riotous writing. Interval block is exhilaratingly conceived to close the first half on a dazzling note.

Second half when the exact subject has to unveil, Maruthi showed his ineptness. With no solid substance to carry the film forward, ‘Rojulu Marayi’ becomes insipid. The hostel episodes with dead souls haunting were quite shabby. Ali’s entry was fine but he too failed in carrying the momentum. Towards climax, ‘Rojulu Marayi’ underlines a message which again isn’t majestic.

‘Rojulu Marayi,’ a film made on shoestring budget targeted at youth section (just like Ee Rojullo) might work well in B, C centers for hilarious first half. Promoting the film as romance centered and leaping the narration with thrilling elements worked big time for ‘Prema Katha Chithram.’ Definitely, ‘Rojulu Marayi’ moved half way to reach PKC standards and then fell flat on nose with injudicious, loathsome second half worth to rate with 2.5 stars. Commercially, the film can be a safe venture given the vacuum at current Box Office.