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Rowdy Fellow Review


Rana Pratap Jaydev [Nara Rohit] is a rich egoist who stands for the good. One day Rana panders in to a fight with Prasad [Ajay] to disturb a political party rally. Inspite of being on the right side, Rana had to apologize Prasad, only for being brother of MP Asuragana Durga Prasad [Rao Ramesh]. Rana develops a grudge on Superintendent of Police [Ahuti Prasad] and gets posting as a SI in Kolleru in Eluru district. There he falls head over heels for Megha [Visakha Singh], daughter of SP. On the flip side, Rana comes to know about the illegal activities of MP Durga Prasad and how he solves villagers problems, forms the crux of Rowdy Fellow.


Nara Rohit has definitely given a laudable performance. It was a one man show in most of the scenes. Dialogue delivery at his regular best, where as dances and fights are off-putting.

Rao Ramesh has fulfilled his long time wish of playing a lead villain with this film and he is at his best. He is recapitulating his father legendary Rao Gopal Rao in the role of Asuragana Durga Prasad.

Vishaka Singh as the leading lady looks charming and enough glamorous for the role. But she has nothing much to perform, unfortunately.

Ajay has given an impressive performance. Among others. Posani Krishna Murali and Swamy Ra Ra Satya have handled entertainment. It was treat to watch veteran actor Gollapudi Maruti Rao on screen in a key role.

Technical Analysis:

Lyricist turned director Krishna Chaitanya has to be appreciated for his story and screenplay. Thanks to his choice of cast and crew, dialogues are an asset for the movie, but narration played the spoil sport.

Experienced Music director Sunny MR has come up with good music and his background scores have taken the movie a step higher.

Cinematography is good. Village milieu is shot at its best. Editing is okay, the pace of the movie is slow, editor has nothing to do with it.


Vishaka Singh's character has not given much importance and Rohit's character is not completely justified. Though the narrative is simple and understandable, KC had to concentrate much on direction aspects.

First half of the movie passes with plotting the characters and their connections leaving simple traces for the second half, which has something fresh to offer from the first one. Climax is not that impactive and logical, as the dialogues.

On the whole, a keen entertainer that could be watched for storyline and performances. Strictly, not commercial film.