Gopala Gopala Review


Gopala Gopala is the story of a middle class family man Gopal Rao [Venkatesh], a nonbeliever in god who lives with wife Meenakshi [Shriya], a theist and son Moksha [Arjun Daggubati]. Gopal Rao is a cunning businessman who sells Hindu idols and antiques for livelihood. One day, Gopal Rao disturbs a religious ceremony and gets cursed by Siddheshwar Swamy [Posani], a baba who operates under Leeladhar [Mithun Chakravarhty]. In an unfortunate situation, earthquake hits down Gopal Rao’s shop, the very next day. Upset Gopal Rao contacts insurance company who rejects his claim stating no claims for natural calamities.

Left with no other option, Gopal Rao decides to sue God in the court of law and he himself argues his case. Here comes lord Krishna [Pawan Kalyan] as a common man. Will Krishna help Gopal Rao in case against him? Will Gopal Rao win the case? Forms the crux of Gopala Gopala.


Venkatesh exactly fits the bill - He has once again proved he is best in giving a clean sweep performance for simple roles. Gopal Rao is another feather in his cap - His witty logic tickles your funny bones and his pain in the courtroom episodes touches your emotional side. After all, Gopal Rao role is a cake walk for this family hero.

Pawan Kalyan has almost played himself in the movie. The Powerstar is almost like God to many of his fans and Krishna is most handsome and modern looking with an emotional effect. His dialogues are thought provoking and dance moves are icing on the cake.

Shriya has nothing to do, but evokes few laughs in her portions with Venky. Posani Krishna Murali is hilarious in his swamiji’s role and Bollywood actor Mithun Chakravarthy hasn't given much to perform in the negative role.

Technical; Analysis:

Kishore Kumar Pardasany hits the right chord of Telugu audiences with Gopala Gopala. He has to be appreciated for remaking 'Oh My God' with nativity brought by leading Tollywood stars Venkatesh and Pawan Kalyan. Screenplay is neat and laudable.

Anoop Rubens has come up with mesmerizing scores for GG music album and it is his background music that sets up the right mood for the depth in the tale.

Jayanan Vincent made GG a colourful watch with the perfect visuals. His usage of colours and light needs a special mention, especially the variation in the normal and court scenes.

Gautham Raju's editing is passable with the short and sweet narration, but the stretched out climax portions could be trimmed.


Gopala Gopala is the movie of Venkatesh and Pawan Kalyan, straight from their hearts for fans in this Festival season. Though GG is a remake movie, screenplay and dialogues made it a native Telugu film.

First half of Gopala Gopala is simple and hilarious with Venkatesh on the floor. His chemistry with Shriya and scenes in combination of Posani are entertaining. With god aka PK's entry before interval, it became a double delighted watch. However, counterpart is bit emotional with underlying message and a justifying climax.

Overall, worth watching family entertainer...