Saradaga Kasepu Movie Reviews

Saradaga Kasepu Review

Vamsi is known for bringing out excellent comedy flicks and some how he is unable to bring out good entertainers for the past few years. Allari Naresh, who is known as the best comedy hero of recent times, tastes bitter, with all the top class directors including Bapu and K Viswanath.

Though, he could give above average to hit films, with other directors, failed to get recognition when he acted with seasoned directors. There were lots of doubts how his film with Vamsi would be. Though the film is not that great, the dialogues by Padala Subrahmanyam, entertained the audiences and helped the film achieve an above average to near hit status.

The Movie

Srinivas (Avasarala Srinivas) is the son of Gajapati (Jeeva) who just completes his MBA in the US and returns to India. He wants to marry a traditional Telugu girl and Gajapati looks for an alliance in Konaseema. The bride is Manimala (Madhurim), the daughter of Raja Rao (Ahuti Prasad). In order to know the actual behaviour of the bride, Srinivas turns the driver and takes his driver Rangababu (Allari Naresh) to introduce him as the groom. However, Gajapati informs Raja Rao about his son’s plan and tells him that the driver is his son. However, due to a few accidents on way to the bride’s place, Srinivas and Rangababu exchange their places once again.

How the confusion is sorted and who marries Manimala, forms the rest of the plot!


Naresh is at his usual best in the film and such characters were not new to him. He walked away with honours with his style of acting and perfect comedy timing.

Madhurima is neither good looking nor had any scope for performance. But she is not the kind of heroine expected in Vamsi’s film. Avasarala Srinivas made his presence felt in the first half, but he was almost sidetracked in the second half. Krishna Bhagawan’s comedy is bearable. Ahuti Prasad, Jeeva, MS Narayana did justice to their roles.


There is nothing novel in the subject but Vamsi tried to narrate the subject in his own style. However, the movie lacked any logic and each and every frame appeared disjointed. The reason behind this feel is the improper and mediocre screenplay. The film missed the spark of Vamsi’s style of direction. Music by Chakri remained average as none of the songs were foot-tapping. In fact, the combination of Chakri and Vamsi brought excellent musical entertainers. Even the background score during re-recording is not so appealing. Cinematography appeared to be dull and the editing is very poor.

The feel of disjointed scenes and patches was because of the improper editing work. The only solace from the technical side is the dialogues. Padala Subrahmanyam’s comedy sense is quite impressive as many of his dialogues evoked immediate laughter and the entire audiences burst into laughter in a few scenes. The film to some extent had the Vamsi mark in the first half but the second half is very nagging and boring.

With the missing of Vamsi’s mark, the film appeared quite boring right before 30 minutes of the interval bang till the climax. The climax too was unimpressive and weak. The director unnecessarily gave several kinds of make-ups to Naresh and stretched the film for no reason and it appears Vamsi wants to stretch the film for a little more than two hour run. The title lost its justification due to the poor run and pathetic movement of the story. It turned ‘Bharamgaa Kaasepu’ for the audiences.