Seetharamudu Movie Reviews


Seetharamudu Review

Sivaji, an upcoming hero, shot into fame with the success of 'Missamma'. However, his other films 'Mr and Mrs Sailaja Krishnamurthy' and others did not do well to make a mark. So far, he portrayed soft characters and for a change, he too wanted to prove himself as an action and mass hero. The opportunity came with 'Sitaramudu' produced by Yalamanchi Ravichand under the direction of Shyamprasad S. Though the story has nothing novel in it, director Shyamprasad was able to narrate it in an efficient way. Though he lost grip on screenplay here and there, he was able to make it in giving a new image to the hero Sivaji.

Sitaramudu (Sivaji) completes his graduation and is in search of job. However, he is a kind of person who thinks that time has to come for anything and behaves in an irresponsible way. He is the son of Rambabu (Ahuti Prasad), who is an adviser to Ramulanna (Rahul Dev), a mafia don and contractor. Once he saves Vamsee, son of Ramulanna from murder attack. Ramulanna loves his son so much. Later, Sitaramudu comes across Anjali (Ankita) and falls in love with her. After some drama, she also falls in love with him. At the same time, Vamsee also loves Anjali. But he did not reveal to his father. When Vamsee meets Anjali and reveals his love, she refuses him saying that she was already in love with somebody. When Vamsee moves on the road with absent mind, he meets with an accident. Learning about this Ramulanna decides to give Anjali as a birthday gift to his son. But, to his surprise, he finds Anjali in the engagement of Rambabu's son. However, Ramulanna goes to Anjali's house and threatens her sister Hema (Hema) and Suryam (Surya) to cancel the earlier engagements as he decided to get his son married to Anjali. Then Sitaramudu goes to Ramulanna and gives a reply warning. Ramulanna decides to eliminate Sitaramudu. However, Sitaramudu who had already prepared for the attack gives him a shock that Vamsee is with Rambabu and any harm to him will have serious repercussions. Later, Ramulanna kidnaps Anjali but Sitaramudu also spoils that plan and rescue her. In order to get her back at any cost Ramulanna chases Sitaramudu and finally gets ready to kill him. However, Vamsee reaches the spot by that time and reveals that it is Sitaramudu, who saved his life. The film ends there abruptly.

Sivaji tried his best to live up to the expectations of the audiences as well as the director. Ankitha did not show any inhibition for the skin show. Rahul Dev's performance as villain is okay. Though the role of Vamshee is equally important with that of hero, he was totally sidelined and there should be at least a dream song with Ankitha with that character as the entire story had some connection with his love. Moreover, the love track between Ankitha and Sivaji was shown in a different way. Music by Ramana Gogula is adequate. Nandamuri Hari should have used his skills in trimming more unnecessary scenes. The comedy track with Ali is nice to watch. As the film was meant to be an action flick with love backdrop, fight masters Vijay, Ram-Laxman choreographed the action scenes in an impressive way. The audience, who saw Sivaji in soft characters so far, could find an action hero in him in 'Seetaramudu'.

Cast: Sivaji, Ankitha, Rahul Dev, Ahuti Prasad, Vizag Prasad, Srinivasa Reddy, Ali, Surya, Kavita, Hema, Sudipa and others.

Credits: Camera €“ Anji, dialogues Vikramaditya J Reddy, Camera €“ Yalamanchi Mahidhar, Action €“ Vijay, Ram-Lakshman, Music €“ Ramana Gogula, Presents €“ Soma Vijaya Prakash, Producer €“ Yalamanch Ravichand, Story, screenplay and direction €“ Shyamprasad S.

Banner: Sri Samba Siva Creations