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Sri Sri Movie Reviews

Sri Sri Review

Super star Krishna is back to the silver screen with his latest film Sri Sri. Also starring his wife Vijaya Nirmala and her son Naresh, this film has hit the screens all over today. Let’s see how this film turns out to be.


Sri Sri(Krishna) is a law college professor who leads a happy life with his wife(Vijaya Nirmala) and daughter Swetha. On the other hand, Shwetha is a journalist with a famous TV channel and she stumbles upon a deadly scam involving Bikshapati(Posani) and JK(Murali Sharma).

She decides to take action against this and before she approaches the cops, she gets killed brutally by both JK and Bikshapati’s sons. A very upset Sri Sri approaches the law but to his bad luck, all the culprits are set free because of their political power.
Left with no choice, an upset Sri Sri decides to kill all of them. Rest of the story is as to how Sri Sri completes his revenge successfully.

Plus Points:-

It is a tailor made role for Krishna and he suits his character perfectly. Interesting aspect is that the makers did not add scenes just to showcase Krishna as a star. The super star is particularly good in all the scenes where he assassinates the culprits. Vijaya Nirmala is apt as Krishna’s wife and plays her supporting role well.

Naresh gets a very good role and is pretty decent with his performance. The way he investigates the murder and all his scenes with Krishna and Vijaya Nirmala have been executed quite nicely.

Murali Sharma and Posani do their respective roles as required but it is the female lead who has done a good job in the film. All her scenes with Sai Kumar and Pruthvi are pretty good. First half of the film is pretty impressive with all the revenge episodes being showcased on an interesting note.

Minus Points:-

After a decent first half, the second part gets a bit disappointing. As the director covered most of the story during the first half itself, he wanders for a major part of the second part and does not have much to showcase. He takes the film into multiple flash backs during this time and bores the audience with some very predictable and old school scenes.

Concept and story of the film is quite old and predictable. Right after the first half an hour, you exactly know where the movie is headed to. Also, there are a few logics which go missing in the film big time.

The way Naresh’s character behaves during the second half and his way of supporting Krishna leaves a lot to be desired. At least some scenes should have been showcased to make things clearer for the audience.

Technical Aspects:-
Production values of the film are good as the makers have spent decent amounts to showcase both the village and city set up well. Camera work is top notch as all the murder and investigation scenes have been shot well. Screenplay is very impressive in the first half but gets wayward during the second half. Editing is fine and so are the dialogues.

Coming to the director Muppalaneni Shiva, he has done just an okay job with the film. Being an experienced director, he executed the film within his limitations and did not hamper the experience. The only drawback in his direction is that he showcased the film on a very predictable note and did not showcase anything new or exciting.


On the whole, Sri Sri is a film which brings back super star Krishna to the silver screen after a long gap. The film is neither bad or good and is somewhere in between. Krishna’s role and some exciting thrills during the first half are basic assets. All those who want to see the legendary actor in a good role and do not mind the predictable story line can give this revenge drama a shot.