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Uyyala Jampala Movie Reviews

Uyyala Jampala Review


Suri (Raj Tarun) and Uma Devi (Avika Gor) are cousins who live in a typical Konaseema village. The duo doesn’t get along and fights for silly reasons. Suri rescues Uma when her lover tries to cheat her. Uma realizes that they have love for each other but Suri doesn’t admit. Suri is poor who lives with widowed mother (Anita) while Uma Devi family is a settled one. When financial standards become a hurdle for the couple, what does Suri ? Will Suri admit his love for Uma Devi.


Raj Tharun has ‘the boy next door’ looks but he has acted with ease. His expressions and the Godavari slang are apt for his role.

Avika Gor who is popular as Chinnari Pelli Kooturu performs well as village belle. Like Raj Tharun, she is picture perfect for the role.

Among the other cast, Anitha scores well, Ravi Varma bags a substantial role, Gangadhar and Punarnavi are good in their respective roles.

Technical Analysis

Cinematography is on top-notch and the village locales have been shot well making it a pleasant watch. Sunny’s musical scores are enjoyable while the background score elevates emotional scenes in the second half. Editing is crisp and neat. Virinchi Varma’s direction is good, as a first timer, he leaves is mark in direction department. Dialogues are impressive.


Uyyala Jampala is set in a village backdrop and offers a pleasant experience. Debutant director Virinchi Varma leaves his mark as director though it had its own flaws. The genre or the story is not new to Telugu audiences as we have seen similar films of two youngsters realizing their love after growing up together and sharing love-hate relationship. Nuvve Kavali, Nuvvu Leka Nenu Lenu are similar such stories but what makes Uyyala Jampala different from the formers is the village backdrop and pleasant viewing experience. The dialogues are natural and characters are quite near to real-life.

While the first half offers entertainment with cousins fights and silly revenges, the second half offers emotional quotient and the pre-climax is impressive with heart-warming dialogues. The film had its own flaws with pace drops here and there, and the abrupt climax end. Also, the second half is too predictable without thrills.

Nevertheless, Clean entertainment, lead performances and the pleasant village backdrop locales makes Uyyala Jampala a pleasant watch.