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Varna Review


Ramya (Anushka), a doctor falls for Madhu Balakrishna (Arya) who is a lecturer and philanthropic person in the first instance. Ramya proposes Madhu but the latter rejects it though he realizes later. On the other hand, a different story between the two runs parallel in second(fantasy) world where people don’t experience love. Varna (Anushka) here is a tribal girl and Mahendra (Arya) commander chief’s son who woos Varna. The rest forms the story.


Despite the leads putting in their efforts for their roles, it looked pale on-screens due to the weak characterizations,

Anushka as Ramya has performed well while her characterization as Varna wasn’t etched properly and it’s just not Anushka’s cup of tea.

Arya tried his best for the two characters as Madhu and Mahendra but in vain. Ashok Kumar is noticeable and others filled the screens.

Technical Analysis

Ramji’s cinematography is good and Harris Jayaraj’s musical scores are ear pleasing. Anirudh Ravichander did a fine job for the background score. Action scenes are ordinary while the VFX works are good. Direction is bad, screenplay is terrible, narration is confusing, Editing is inconsistent. Production Values are rich.


With a bond love in two different worlds of realistic and fiction, Selvaraghavan has come up with unconventional yet unconvincing storyline. But the script is shabby and terribly executed. The entire plot gets revealed in the first hour and Selva fails to engage the audiences with the proceedings. Screenplay is pathetic and the character developments are quite weak. Also the two stories are loosely connected that the feel goes totally missing. Added to it, the lip sync goes missing for the Telugu version which further tests the patience.

The twists and turns never takeoff or offer us some surprise in this fantasy genre film. In the end, audiences only wonder what exactly is the story!!! PVP Cinemas has spent a bomb on this experimental project. The only positives are lavish technical values and VFX works. Despite 18 months in production, star cast, lavish production values and eccentric director Selvaraghavan, Varna is not worth the wait!!!