Yamagola Review

It is quite surprising that almost all the films like 'Yamagola, Yamudiki Mogudu, Yamaleela and Pittala Dora' with 'Yama' concept were hits and blockbusters. Especially, senior artiste Kaikala Satyanarayana is well-known for playing that mythological character with utmost ease and a point to be noted here is that in almost all the films he only played that role. Surprisingly, the concept of young Yama came before the audiences just in a span of one week. Last week's release 'Yamadonga' of NTR (Junior) had little similarities with thespian, the late NTR's 'Yamagola' where the hero clashes with Yama.

However, there was a change in 'Yamadonga' that Padma Shri, Dr Mohanbabu played the role of Yama instead of routine Satyanarayana. The latest film directed by Srinivasa Reddy, with the same old title 'Yamagola' with a tagline 'Mallee Modalayindi', with Srikanth and Venu in the lead absolutely has no similarities in the film except the title and Satyanarayana playing the role of Yamadharma Raju again. Now, it is the turn of Srikanth playing the Yuva Yama, with Satyanarayana playing his grandfather. Director Srinivasa Reddy ensured that the entire film as an entertainer.

Raghavaiah's (Balaiah) is a happy joint family. After two generations a girl takes birth in their family and she was said to be very lucky. The family's guru names her as Aiswarya (Meera Jasmine). However, he did not reveal that she has only 22 years of life. He presents a 'Rudraksha' to the girl and tells the family members not to remove it under any circumstances. Aiswarya grows up as was said by the guru and turns a pious, kind-hearted girl, besides bringing luck and prosperity to the family. Yamadharma Raju (Satyanarayana) wants to test his grandson Dharma Raju @ Yuva Yama (Srikanth) and Gupta (Venu), and tells them to bring the life of Aiswarya. How Yuva Yama falls in love with Aiswarya and Gupta losing his heart to Vyjayanti (Reemasen)? How Gupta made Yuva Yama realise his duties? What are the problems they faced while bringing the life of Aiswarya? Answers to all these questions form part of the remaining film.


Srikanth: Yuva Yama character suited well to Srikanth and he also proved that he too could do mythological films with good ease. Though Srikanth did a mythological character earlier in 'Devullu' as Lord Rama, this is a full-length character and he excelled in the role. His performance, diction, dialogue modulation also suited him very well.

Venu: This hero also gave a brilliant performance. But the director failed to escape from using the traditional cap of Chitragupta to the hero. Venu also showed a perfect comedy timing and gave a good performance in assisting Srikanth as a best friend. Especially, his performance in the cricket scenes and the climax was superb.

Meera Jasmine: This cute girl looked homely with traditional attire. However, in a bid to attract the youth and mass audiences, the director inadvertently made her to wear modern dresses. Even the choreography of some songs were also very romantic and were composed with mass steps. But for the songs, in all other scenes, Meera looked in traditional dresses.

Reemasen: Though Reemasen filled the glamour slot, the director failed to etch her character well. Her dance in a remix song and another duet with Venu were good. She has not much scope for performance. But appeared glamorous and gorgeous in the film.

Others: Satyanarayana, Chalapati Rao, Krishna Bhagawan appeared in mythological characters, while Rajeev Kanakala played a different role of a thief. Others did justice to their respective roles.


Camera and graphics work: The graphic works while displaying the Yamalokam was a highlight. Instead of erecting huge sets, the director sought the help of graphics, as the scene lasts only for a few minutes. Especially, the introductory song of Yuva Yama and Gupta was shot well. The director was able to show Kamal Hassan as 'Bharatiyudu' with the help of graphics, besides some clippings with Padma Shri Allu Ramalingaiah. Graphics were also used while Yuva Yama and Gupta reach Bhulokam. The remix song shot on Reemasen, Srikanth and Venu, with both the heroes with the late NTR's make up received a big response in the theatre. Camera work by Steady Cam Prasad is worth mentioning and he worked in perfect sync with the director's ideas and the graphics used in the film.

Story, script and dialogues: Director Srinivasa Reddy himself prepared the story. He started the film with socio-fantasy theme and ran the film with love in its backdrop. Senior writer Satyanand gave good finishing touches to the subject while scripting it and dialogues by Dasari Brahmam in association with the director were good in parts. While some of the dialogues had double meanings, as a whole they are good to listen.

Music: Jeevan Thomas scored good music for the movie. One of them is a remix, while the other songs have got peppy tunes that could attract the masses. The song for Venu and Reemasen was tuned in a romantic way. The background score and re-recording also elevated the image of the film as a whole.

Cast: Srikanth, Venu Thottempudi, Meera Jasmine, Reemasen, Satyanarayana, Chalapati Rao, Krishna Bhagawan, AVS, Rajiv Kanakala, Naresh (senior), Ahuti Prasad, Balaiah, Sivaji Raja, Vijaykumar, Mallikarjun, Ram Jagan, Kavitha, Hema, Ramyasri, LB Sriram, Rajita and others

Credits: Script €“ Satyanand, Dialogues €“ Dasari Brahmam, Lyrics €“ Bhaskarabhatla Ravikumar, Cinematography €“ 'Steady Cam' Prasad, Music €“ Jeevan Thomas, Producers €“ Amar, Rajasekhar and Satish, Story, screenplay and direction €“ Srinivasa Reddy.

Banner: Frames Entertainments

Released on: August 23, 2007.