Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na Movie Reviews

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na Review

Aamir Khan who has known to be an ace when it comes to selecting scripts and venturing into production, provides his nephew Imran the much awaited launch. Jaane Tu€¦ also marks the directorial debut of screenplay and dialogue writer Abbas Tyrewala.

So does Aamir strike yet another €˜Taare Zameen Par€™?


Jai [Imran Khan] and Aditi [Genelia] are buddies who hang out with their group of friends, but have eyes for each other only. Their friends know that Jai and Aditi are perfect for each other. Their parents know this as well. Everybody knows this. But the couple doesn't. So when do they realize its love?

Jaane Tu €¦ comes across as a complete college teen flick. Director Abbas Tyrewala does succeed to a certain extent in bringing forth the so called €˜college days€™ back to the viewer. The movie takes off well with the comic characters and events attached with college and every college group etc.

The 1st half is indeed very entertaining right from the opening scene of a funeral to the bonding between Jai( Imraan ) and Athiti( Genelia). Even the songs in the 1st half are so refreshing with €˜Athithi€™ and €˜Pappu can€™t dance€™. Do watch out for Sohail Khan and Arbaaz€™s guest appearance. It€™s hilarious, especially the scene where Imran rescues Meghna (Manjiri) from them.

Sounds really great! But the big letdown comes with Abbas Tyrewala€™s writing in the 2nd half. The movie suddenly takes a dip and the plot is loosely held. The intercuts to the narration of the story by a bunch of friends at the airport gets annoying as it slows the pace of the flick. The group goes bla bla bla with their poor jokes and it bores.

The plot lacks conviction eventually and the fact that Atithi(Genelia ) misses Jai(Imran) and vice versa inspite of being in another relationship fails to come across strongly. The movie just becomes a series of parties.

The movie has a terrific music album composed by A.R.Rahman. The saddest bit comes across with the film skipping two terrific numbers €˜Jaane tu mera kya tha€™ male and female version. How could one omit a Rahman composition sung by Sukhwinder Singh? Also the movie fails to capitalize on Rahman€™s €˜Jaane Kahan Who Duniya€™ which had the potential of being the next €˜Pehla Nasha€™ and ends up being just another party number.

Imran Khan really impresses and no doubt lives up to his Chachajaan Aamir€™s expectations. We have another Aamir in the making I suppose. Imran€™s expressions are terrific. Observe the sequence where he goes to meet Genelia€™s parents and the opening college fight scene. He does a bit of Aamir Khan from Ghulam when he sets off to Ayaz Khan€™s home for revenge. The scene at the airport brings in Imran at his best.

Genelia comes in with all that masti(fun) and air of freshness. She is cute, delivers well and portrays the character of the wild, crazy , possessive Atithi with ease and is par excellence. She is superb and being already a big sensation down south , she is sure to hit Bollywood by storm.

Naseerudin Shah has a very hilarious role and does really well. Ratna Pathak is just apt as the mother. Paresh Rawal is ok. Arbaaz and Sohail are hilarious. Ayaz Khan fits the bill and so does Manjari. Prateik Babbar the son of Raj Babbar and the late Smita Patil doesn€™t go unnoticed as Genelia€™s brother. The other characters within the group such as Jiggy, Rotlu and Boms fit the bill.

Jaane Tu €¦ definitely comes in with an air of freshness with the likes of Genelia and Imran. The film dips post interal but still has its moments. It€™s sure to impress at least the youth. As for Genelia and Imran , they have left behind their footprints in Bollywood.

Rating : **1/2