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Bhajarangi Movie Reviews

Bhajarangi Review

Bhajarangi is Shivarajkumar's best film in years. The lavish, high-budget film is a big treat for his fans. Every minute of the 175 minute film is filled with a fantasy world that takes keeps the audience in its grip. If there is one star film you would not want to miss this season, it is Bhajarangi. Choreographer turned director Harsha has managed to present the charisma of Shivarajkumar in a grand manner and this kind of film is unique in the actor's career.

The film starts with two introductions. One is about a village in north Karnataka which is in the grips of black magicians who kidnap women who are then raped by a ghost. In Bangalore, the hero is living with his sister, mother and grandfather. He seems to have 'iron leg,' because every job he tries to do ends up causing trouble. A stranger, after seeing his horoscope, says he is born for greater things and there is a suspense about who he is. Shivanna goes to earlier depicted village to learn the truth. Heroine Aindriata Ray and friends are also going to the same village to do a documentary on withchcraft.

But the story is still beginning. The real story starts with Shivanna's grandfather (again played by him) who is a tribal leader fighting for the common man. He is killed by trechery and two black magicians are also in a duel for control of a powerful weapon. The current day hero lands in the middle of this problem. The flashback is also a hour long and is a film in itself. How the hero manages to destroy the evil powers with the help of blessings from God Hanuman forms the rest of the story.

Shivarajkumar takes the cake for his easy in portraying both a lover boy and an action hero equally well. When he sheds his shirt to show off his six packs in the end, the joy of the fans sees no end. Harsha has done an excellent job all over. Arjun Janya's music has four good songs including the 'Boss' song with guest appearance by six other film stars. Aindrita is bubbly as ever in a cute role. The actors who have played villains like Madhu, Chetan and Guru are a welcome change from the usual villans. If you have not booked your tickets already for Bhajarangi, do it fast. You will not get tickets easily for what is sure to be a blockbuster.