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Rangan Style Review

Pradeep, the actor who made his mark in Jolly Days has been trying hard for the last couple of years to make a mark. In the last two years, his popularity has indeed grown but it is due to his exploits in the Celebrity Cricket League rather than in films. After marrying the daughter of retired IAS officer and actor Shivaram, he arrives with his film Rangan Style. While pure love stories are becoming uncommon, Rangan Style is one such attempt.

Pradeep is an orphan who runs a CD rental and cyber cafe in Bangalore. His few friends are all he has in life. For some reason, he is dead against love and having a girlfriend. But it is only a matter of time that he too falls in love like the rest of his friends. In the first half, most of the film is about this first time love and how Ranga (Pradeep) manages to win the girl and their interaction. The heroine (Kannika as Divya) has a politician for a uncle with whom she lives. He is the villain for this love affair. The lovers have no option but to elope. Their journey and trials forms most of the rest of the story. Sudeep appears in a single scene as a cop and unites the pair and convinces the Divya's family to accept Pradeep. But there is something more in store. Pradeep's love life is shattered by an unknown enemy. Someone who he thought never existed comes to haunt him. Does the love survive before this unknonw enemy forms the climax. The climax lifts the film and gives it an extra boost.

The film will be liked by young audience who prefer romantic films. The young pair are refreshing and look their part. When most of the lead actors and heroines do not exactly look like college students any more, this pair makes their mark. At times the film is a bit of a drag as the director extends the film as much as possible. But introduction of new characters from time to time hides this drawback. Sadhu Kokila and Rekha Das fill up the middle of the film and give their own verions of how love works. Sudeep is seen in the second half. Other characters could also have been developed more. Songs by Gurukiran is a mix of melody and dance numbers. He makes an appearance in the Gangammana Style song. Rangan Style overall is a decent attempt that will cater to those who want to watch a romantic film.