Ninnindale Review

Puneeth is back and how! Ninnindale is a festival of the actor's talents. From daredevil stunts and fights to dancing and romancing, Puneeth is at his best in Ninnindale.

For his fans, the film is a welcome treat and should satisfy their more than a year-long wait for a new film. The film has everything the audience would seek in an entertainer. There are good songs, great fights, amazing stunts, a lovely love story and an endearing backdrop in New York.

To begin with, it is a love story between an overtly friendly and adventerous boy and a shy girl. They are based in New York, which is a welcome change from the usual locations. The boy provides the confidence to the girl and she emerges a stronger woman. It is but natural for her to fall in love with him. But he shocks her with his reply. The rest of the film is about the boy understanding her love for him. This is beautifully done in an engaging screenplay.

The adventures of Puneeth as Vicky Venkatesh is the biggest highlight of the film. From sky-diving, going down the belly of a helicopter in mid-flight, suspended on a car 400 feet above the ground are some of the stunts that give a chill and thrilling experience. Erica as Parimala also does two of these stunts.

Apart from the stunts, it is the magical chemistry between Puneeth and Erica that interests audience. They look a great pair and when the dance, interact and move together they make for a visual treat. The are present in almost every scene if the film. The film is not just about love bit also friendship.

The minus points of the film are comedy scenes of Sadhu Kokila and that of Brahamanandam in a single scene. Music is not as good as Puneeth previous films but managable and melodious. Overall, there is no doubt that the film will be lapped up by the audience for its uniqueness and standing apart from regular films. Puneeth is back and shows his power.