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Directors Special Review


It is a simple story told in a complicated manner with twists and turns. It tells us about the family bonding, relationships, family values and sentiments. The director carries the complete story very successfully with his characters without hampering the mood and flow of the film and also successfully manages to maintain the curiosity of the viewers till the climax.

It is difficult to explain the story, as in its difficult to give english subtitles to guruprasad’s movie, but to make it straight, simple and curious at the same time not revieling much of it. It is a story of a family of 5 which has hero(Dhananjay) his father(Rangayana Raghu), mother(Vatsala Mohan), brother(Ramyachaitrakala Ram), sister(Sumitra Devi), where all four family members plan to kill dhananjay for money.

What is the secret behind it? Why would his own family would want to kill one of their own? Are they his real family? Whats next? Whats awaiting for the audience in the climax? all these aspects form the crux of the story.


After 3 years, guruprasad is back with his style of movie making where script, acting, dialogues and wonderful direction gives us a worthy watch with a comic and racy first half and serious and enlightening second half. The way he has used the actors and their talent for his story is awesome. Hatts off to you!! You have the Hatrick here!!. Not to miss, special mentioning about Rangayana Raghu for being a directors actor and giving a tremendous and marvellous performance as dhananjay’s father. He excels with his comic timing, dialogue delivery, acting and specially in scenes where he narrates the story of ‘Hanesha’ and One of guruprasad’s incomplete story from his book ‘Director’s Special’. Rangayana Raghu as Panche Shastry is defnitely worth a big round of applause. Newcomer Dhanajay has done full justice to his role with good acting and dialogue delivery, no doubt of him being one of the prominent names in the industry. Vatsala Mohan, Ram, Sumitra devi have also done justice to their roles. Anoop Seelin’s music is good and baground score is apt and gels well with the flow. Cinematographer P.L.Ravi, Editor Kemparaju, Fight master Thriller Manju have done a neat job. Pooja Gandhi’s item song come and go as a part of the script. Go watch ‘Director’s Special’ with an expectation for pure entertainment.