Panduranga Vittala Movie Reviews


Panduranga Vittala Review

Glorification of glamour is itself not enough. No logic€¦., only magic only - says the slogan of the film. Crazy star Ravichandran and director Dinesh Baboo combination gives a tragic result. Just with the romantic and erotic song picturization the film is doled out in a pathetic way. The hopes are belied. PRV (Pandu Ranga Vittala) net result is a headache.

Vittala has run away from the marriage hall to the big bad city. He is Pandu to Rambha who loves him and marry, Ranga to Prema who adores him while Shruthi is desperately looking for Vittala to marry. But the truth is that Pandu, Ranga and Vittala are one person - Ravichandran. When the situation goes out of control the protagonist hatches a plot. He makes Rambha and Prema to believe that they have killed their respective opponents €“ the protagonist. In both the cases protagonist pretend to be dead. When he reverts back to respective places both Prema and Rambha are scared of what they have done - murder. From this situation the protagonist capitalizes his position. He makes both of them to accept him without any qualms. On the other side when Shruthi bounce back again he tells her a different story that finally makes her to give up marriage with the protagonist.

The confusing tactics deployed by the director does not evoke laughter at one point of time. What is redeemable in the film is the glorification of romance. This film is an extension of 'Gadibidi Ganda' of Ravichandran, Ramyakrishna and Roja in the lead.

Ravichandran the crazy star and trailblazer of Kannada cinema look very fat and he has not acted in this movie. He has just romanced with two heroines Rambha and Prema very liberally. The songs that are the mainstay of all Ravichandran films are shot with routine backdrop with no change in the choreography.

Rambha body language and costumes given for her is beyond the expectations. For Prema the costumes at least cover her physique. Shruthi has nothing much to do. Ramesh Bhat and Mukyamantri Chandru have given good support.

Cinematography by director himself is one of the plus points in the film.

This is a romantic film in the usual Ravichandran style.