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Arrambam Review


Ashok Kumar [Ajith], a patriot on mission for exposing the people behind an ugly scam that is uproot to mafia. Ashok Kumar aka AK is supported by Nayantara in his operation. As story progresses AK ropes in techie hacker played by Arya, who falls for Taapsee, a journalist. Arrambam story takes twists and turns here with an intriguing mass interval and reveals the main plot with a flashback in the second half. Will AK succeeds in his assignment? Forms the Aarambam crux…

Watch Ajith’s Arrambam for the flashback and stick to the seats twists and turns…


Ajith looks dashing with his salt and pepper look in V shaped T-shirts and pulls his role as Ashok Kumar with ease. As ever, Ajith has hold Arrambam on his shoulders with skyrocketing stunts, dances, acting and what not.

Nayantara carried out her role by means of get-up-and-go with style, though she maintains fiery façade here and there.

Arya’s presence as a techie hacker with a new hairstyle is quite fond of. Arya has done his parts well and pulls off audience chord in few of his scenes.

Rana has excelled with his screen presence even if it is only for little time. As a girly journo, Taapsee is sure to make few hearts melt but has nothing to perform much.

Mahesh Manjrekar, Kishore, Atul Kulkarni and others are good.

Techincal Analysis:

Vishnuvardhan’s direction is stylish and kudos to his choice of cast and crew for Arrambam. Even though there are some sneak peeks here and there, Arrambam team has handled it to the fullest.

Suba, writer duo Suresh and Balakrishnan have penned an engaging script for Arrambam and hooked audiences to their seats with more engaging screenplay.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s background scores couldn’t make the impact as the Ajith’s Arrambam audio did. Nonetheless he has added enough seriousness to the action sequences with his score. ‘Adada Arrambame’, ‘Melala Vedikkudhu’ and 'En Fuse Pochu' songs are good onscreen in support of camera works.

Om Prakash, the debutant cinematographer has proved his mettle to be here in Kollywood with his eye pleasurable visuals in fight scenes and songs.

Stunt choreographers Jegan, Kecha and Lee Whittaker need a tap for numerous action parts, especially the climax and the boat chase are appealing.


Ajith and Vishnuvardhan on board with their trusted team of Arrambam, which belts a sneak connection with films like Sword Fish, A Wednesday and Indian, well they remained only shades. Movie has a kick start with never thought fashionable entry of Thala Ajith followed by racy first half.

Arrambam Second half has more interesting parts compared to first, as actual plot is revealed here. Arya, Nayantara, Tapsee and Rana’s characters leave an impact on viewers. As said before Arya as tech savvy reminds you of ‘A Wednesday’, Arrambam climax similar to Kamal Haasan’s Indian movie and the actual plot alike as Sword Fish.

Totally Arrambam is a tailor-made action packed bouncy entertainer, but one shouldn’t think of logics as it is commercial best-spoken for fans.