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Chandi Veeran Movie Reviews

Starring Adharvaa, Aanandhi
Music Arunagiri
Director A Sarkunam
Producer Bala
Year 2015

Chandi Veeran Review

Atharvaa teams up with director Sargunam for the director Bala produced Chandi Veeran. The actor - director duo would be looking to return to winning ways with this village flick which has all the templates that one would associate with a 'graamathu padam'. But the valid message which comes along, gives the film extra brownie points.

Chandi Veeran in a nutshell is about the roles Atharvaa and Lal have in an ongoing tussle between two villages over an ever important issue.

Chandi Veeran has the expected elements like the romance angle with a school girl where the dad is dead against love, the doting mother who is helpless as she watches her son take after his father's means, etc. That said, Sargunam gets the nativity and earthy connect spot-on, and the film brims with 'mann vaasanai'

After a slow start, the film keeps us hooked to a larger extent in the first half with the help of humour. The segment showcasing Pongal village games is pretty entertaining.

The songs are mostly montages with a couple of them devoted to the Atharvaa - Anandhi romance. Arunagiri takes credit for the songs while the Sabesh - Murali duo has worked on the BGM score. When most of the second half happens at night, with tension and enmity brimming, the pounding background music serves the purpose and keeps it gripping. It is naturally toned down and kept subtle for the emotion-heavy moments.

DoP P.G.Muthiah has employed helicam shots to showcase the villages in their entirety, and he has also captured their lush, scenic landscapes well.

Atharvaa fits in fine as an energetic young villager, with the rugged visage and a good physique. His pairing with the cutesy Anandhi is a winner, and the pretty young woman has all it takes to bag films with the younger lot of heroes. One just wishes that she doesn't get typecast in the same space. Lal again shows what a seasoned performer he is.

One does feel that the message angle could have been projected with a little more depth and intensity, over the 1 hour 55 mins of the film's run time.

To sum up, Chandi Veeran is stereotyped but has its strong moments to keep us interested. The social interest angle is definitely a value add-on.