Pokkiri Movie Reviews

Pokkiri Review

Pokiri - Action aplenty
With a winner in the form of story, Vijay in the company of Prabhu Deva has come out with an action-packed entertainer.

With typical 'Vijayisms' (action, humor and punch dialogues) finding a place at right intervals, he steals the show and his charm is spread all through the movie. The life and blood of the movie, the actor charms the audience in dance and stunt sequences. His characterization, though not unfamiliar to the film-buffs, is made interesting by director Prabhu Deva as he has let Vijay to be himself on the screen.

Prabhu Deva and Vijay leave their magical presence especially in the dance sequences. Both proven dancers, the choreography for the peppy songs are entertaining and attractive.
Asin is attractive and plays a typical heroine falling in love with a macho-man. She does have the opportunity to shake her legs with Vijay. Both Vijay and Asin share a terrific on-screen chemistry. Prakash Raj as the notorious Don Alibhai does an excellent job. His mannerisms and body language would surely win applause from the film-buffs.

Napoleon plays an honest police commissioner in the hunt of criminals. Hats off to him for playing the tough role with utmost grace. Vadivelu evokes laughter with his comedy. He succeeds in tickling the funny bone. He dons the role of a kung-fu instructor.

Tamizh (Vijay) is a hardcore criminal, who can do anything for money and also change loyalties for currency. He meets Sruthi (Asin) and love is the immediate offspring between the two.

A villainous cop attracted by Sruthi threatens her mother to send her daughter with him. Enters Tamizh as a savior for Sruthi and her family. Tamizh works for an underworld gang and he soon rises in life, owing to his bravery and never-say-die attitude. The sequences that throw light on the ruffian attitude and ??can??t-care-any-less?? stance of Tamizh offer sumptuous treat for Vijay??s fans. His boss and an international don Alibhai (Prakash Raj) arrive from abroad only to be caught by the Tamil Nadu police.
An honest cop Mohideen Khan (Napoleon) investigating the cases of Alibhai is blackmailed by Ali's men. What happens next is narrated in a fast-paced, gripping narrative that is sure to bring the audiences to the edge of their seats. The twist of events adds to the thrills.

Stunts by Vijayan are a major attraction of the movie. The chasing sequences have been captured well by Nirav Shah's lens. Sreekar Prasad??s editing is crisp with fast-paced cuts.

All credit to director Prabhu Deva for managing to sustain the tempo throughout. He has given a perfect formula film for Vijay which should work out well with the masses. He seems to have given more thrust on expressions and all his characters are there, doing what Prabhu Deva wanted from them.

Excellent choreography, thrilling action sequences and catchy songs besides cool 'punch lines' from Vijay contribute for a cracker in Pokiri.

To sum up, the movie is an action-packed film with loads of fun and thrill. Pokiri is a sweet Pongal treat for Vijay fans.After Gilli the big hit to vijay