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Thenali Raman Movie Reviews

Thenali Raman Review


Thenaliraman deals with the story of a King Maamannar [Vadivelu], whose kingdom is in trouble as eight of his council of ministers plan a conspiracy against king to have a deal with Chinese traders. A sincere minister gets killed and Thenaliraman [Vadivelu] fills the post. On the other hand, Tenaliraman falls in love with Meenakshi Dixit, daughter of Maamannar who has 36 wives and 52 children. Thenaliraman, who was sent to kill the King understands the situation created by chaos in the kingdom and wins king's trust to take over the state of Affairs. Through his intelligence Tenaliraman makes his ruler see his faults. How will they manage to conquer the situation? Forms the crux of Thenaliraman...


Vadivelu has made a notable comeback. His experience and knowledge of performing to perfection is felt in every scene. Renowned comedian has done it with confidence and maintained the space between two roles.

Meenakshi Dixit did her parts well as Vadivelu's love interest. Among the rest of the cast Manobala and Mansoor Ali Khan's roles stands out.

Technical Analysis:

Yuvaraj Dhayalan proved his mettle by delivering a notable movie. Director has to be credited for his dialogues, but has to look more into screenplay and narration.

Songs composed by D. Imman couldn't work in favor of the film. Similarly, background is just acceptable.

Art and Cinematography plays key role in Thenaliraman being an epic historical movie. Art director has to be appreciated for film's royal look and the light management is highly impressive in every frame.

Editing is passable, trimming of few unwanted scenes could have made it crisper.


Thenaliraman is much hyped as Vadivelu's comeback film and the movie seems to have done justification. Vadivelu steals the show with the wit of Thenaliraman in the first half, who played an understandable King in the second half. Veteran comedian played both the roles differently. Compared to the second half, first half of Thenaliraman is filled with loads of comic elements, as there are some boring moments in the second half though it keeps you engaged with Vadivelu's performance.