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Vedi Review

Vedi Story:

The film kick starts with a peppy song featuring Music director Devi Sri Prasad.

The entire first half of the film sees Prabhakaran (Vishal) being chased by the thugs while the second half reveals the flashback of Prabhakaran and his past life which makes audiences to sit on the edge of their seats.

He escapes to Kolkatta and gets admitted to a college. He meets a girl called Deepa (Poonam Kaur). Meanwhile, in a strange event he gets in touch with Aishwarya (Sameera Reddy) and finds a place to reside in her house. After a series of incidents Aishwarya comes to know the other side of Prabhakaran and falls for him. Prabhakaran turns as an unofficial bodyguard for Deepa and here it is revealed that she his sister but couldn’t not tell her the same for some reasons. The get separated when they were kids and as the film progress the flashback gets revealed that the mission Prabhakaran has to complete and he is on an undercover.


Vishal sheens all the way and portrayed the role of Vijay very well. The expressions and his angry young man's look are apt. This will sure be another feather in his cap besides the success of Avan Ivan.

Dusky beauty Sameera Reddy as Aishwarya has given a graceful performance, as a bubbly girl in the college who teases the hero and also as a sensitive girl at home. Her glamour is an additional asset to the film.

Poonam Kaur plays the pivotal role of Deepa in this film. She rendered apt delivery within the scope of her characterization.

Vivek displayed hilarious comedy in the college scenes and the rest of the characters performed well in their limit.


The story of the film is prepared in typical commercial format. Prabhu Deva’s direction is good in parts but the screenplay and narration needs betterment. Prabhu Deva could have added couple of mass situations at regular intervals and the climax of the film is in passé format. The plan used by hero in the second half is interesting. The heroine has nothing to do with the central point of the film.

The songs in the first half are scored well. Thaman’s background music by is good. Cinematography by is adequate. The special attraction is the R. D. Rajasekhar photography, starting from the introduction of the hero to the end of the film. He captured each and every frame slickly. Fights in the film are good and are according to the expectations of the audience in Vishal's action film. Editing by V. T. Vijayan is alright. Production values are good.


First half of the film is slow though there is a sustained interested about the whereabouts of the hero while Interval twist is good. The second half carries the main story. Hero's strategy to counteract villain is entertaining. The positive points of the film are Vishal and action episodes. On the flipside, the second half should have been dealt with an attention-grabbing screenplay. Vedi’s commercial success depends on how the crowds embrace the sister sentiment in the film.

Though a remake of a Telugu movie it is entertaining and enjoyable, for there are smart changes made by Prabhu Deva in the script to suit Tamil audience. However the film ends up as a predictable passé commercial masala.

Quick Take: Superb Sibling Sentiment, Paisa Vasool entertainer