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Sillunu Oru Sandhippu Movie Reviews

Sillunu Oru Sandhippu Review

Ravi Lallin’s Sillunu oru Sandhippu is a triangular love story which has Vimal,Oviya and Dipa Shah in the lead. On seeing the title one could expect a novel love story. But what the director adopts here is a tired and tested triangular love story.

Vimal and Oviya were classmates in a high school in ooty and loves each other , later they parted away as they are minors . Vimal goes to USA and gets settled there,when he returns to India he falls in love with Dipa Shah who is the sister of Vimal’s sister-in law. When they were about to marry there comes Oviya and the rest of the story is very much predictable.

Ravi Lallin tries to convey a message to the audience but adding the unecessary masala elements and outdated screenplay the film looks so amateurish. Vimal as a school student is a complete shocker so as Oviya. Vimal has to work in his accent or else he might not do any urban stories. Oviya tries to please the audience with her glam looks and Dipa Shah’s acting is not up to the mark. There are so many charcters in the film particularly Mano bala ‘s comedy and Charu haasan’s philosophy are the height of boredom which tests our patience.

The only saving grace of Sillunu Oru Kadhal is Rajesh Yadav’s cinematography ,Music by Fazil is loud so as the BGM. Over all Ravi Lallin’s Siiluno Oru Kadhal is a tiring watch.