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Veeram Movie Reviews

Veeram Review


Veeram is the tale of five brothers in the city called Vinayagam Brothers named after the eldest brother. Vinayagam [Ajith] works really hard to raise his four brothers. He decides not to get married and stay bachelor for life, while remaining fell in love. Here comes Temple renovator Kopperundevi aka Koppu [Tamanna] and lawyer Koppu [Santhanam], Vinayagam's childhood friend. After a series of confusions and laughters, brothers want Vinayagam and Kopperundevi to get married. Koppu's father makes an obligation that finally ends with tremendous fights between Ajith and his revenge seeking enemies. How will he manage to defend enemies? Will Ajith win Tamanna heart? Forms the crux of Veeram...


Ajith has fit the bill as a village guy in Veshti. With his ample energy, Ajith carried the movie on his shoulders. His rustic look with grey hair suited the role of Vinayagam without trailing his age.

Tamanna made a perfect comeback with Veeram. She looked gorgeous in sarees. Her act as a peace-loving female and a renovator from archeological department is quite upbeat.

Santhanam delivered notable performance among others, while Nassar has done similar roles many times earlier and he appears typecasted.

Vidharth is ok among Ajith's brothers while others looked plastic.However, Pradeep Rawat looked more villainous compared to Atul Kulkarni, the main villain.

Technical Analysis:

Siva has to be appreciated for his racy and neat screenplay including all the mass and commercial elements to suit the audiences of all ages. He needs a tap for the choice of cast and crew, who supported well in the success of Veeram.

Bharathan dialogues are one of the highlights. Though there are few punch dialogues for Santhanam they doesn't look exaggerated.

Devi Sri prasad's background scores created the right mood in the fight sequences. Whereas 'Thangame Thangame' and 'Ival Thaana' acted a breakpoints because of wrong timing. Songs could have been betterly choreographed.

Vetri excelled with his camera works throughout the film. Especially the tight closeup shots along with the action stunts and train hang sequences in railwaystation are excellently shot.

K. Viswanathan's editing is crisp.


Siva's tight script and timely execution are the highlights of Veeram, which is laced with all the ingredients such as action, sentiment, dance, performances and emotions.

There is no doubt that it is Ajith allover Veeram. Yet Veeram also marks appreciating comeback of glamorous Tamanna and Santhanam to his original not so witty comedy role. Infact, Santhanam takes the second place after Thala in the movie.

First half of Veeram starts on a lighter note with the nick of Ajith raising his younger brothers and few action sequences with local goons plotting the instances for the later part, whereas in the second half we see the differences being raised by Tamanna's family that ends up after climax fight.