Gaganam Movie Reviews

Gaganam Review

Nagarjuna starrer Gaganam is hitting the big-screens today. Nagarjuna has come up with a hijack-drama genre flick, in the role of a Commando. Being directed by Radha Mohan and produced by Dil Raju, Gaganam throws light on the terrorism and terrorists with the hijack of an airplane. Here is the Gaganam movie review for you


The movie takes off with a group of terrorists hijacking an airplane with 75passengers, which is from Chennai to Delhi, making an emergency landing at Tirupati. The hijackers demand for the release of their terrorist leader Yousuf Khan from prison. Home secretary Vishwanath (Prakash Raju), National Security adviser, along with National Security Guards officer Raveendra (Nagarjuna) comes down to Tirupati for handling the situation. Initially, the Government refuses commando operation and releases Yousuf Khan from prison, however Yousuf Khan gets killed on a road accident in the travel. How do Raveendra along with his team completes their mission and saves the passengers is the rest of the film to be watched on big-screens.


Nagarjuna undoubtedly is the show stealer as a commando, with his charm and dignified looks. He played a distinct and a challenging role and has excelled in it.

Prakash Raj is as usual at his best in the limited role of Home Secretary. Poonam Kour as airhostess is good, Vijay as Colonel, Ravi as pilot are perfect, Harshavardhan as reporter is convincing, Pridhvi as film-actor could have done better. Brahmanandam as film-director is good.

Technical Aspects

It was director Radha Mohan, who should be commended for coming up with a distinct niche subject. He managed to keep the audiences hooked with his interesting narration and effective screenplay through out.

Cinematography by Guhan is a big asset for the film which brings out a realistic feel with some innovative angles. Shot with RED digital camera, it gives us a natural feel, especially the scenes showcasing the flight interiors and scenes in the office of airport. Art director needs a special mention for the specially erected airplane set at Ramoji film city. Background score is inspiring and elevates certain scenes in the film. Editing by Kishore is perfect. Dialogues by Anu Radha are simple and good. The production values are of superior range.


Gaganam is a first full-length tollywood film made on hijack drama and director Radha Mohan comes out as a winner. The movie is purely based on its content with no place for either songs or physical fights or separate comedy track. Still, the director manages to keep you glued to the screens with effective performances and well-shot interplay of emotions between all the characters, and its rich production values.