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Jai Sriram Movie Reviews

Jai Sriram Review


Uday Kiran comes up with a new movie “Jai Sri Ram”. It is released today. He is in Police Officer role here. Uday Kiran and Reshma are the lead roles here.

Coming to story Sriram (Uday Kiran) is a young and dynamic police officer. He is Punjagutta SP and focus to clean all the rowdy sheeters in society. Coming to Reshma (Reshma) is a bubbly girl. She runs left to Goa to marry her boyfriend. She meets Sriram accidently on her way. Coming another end Sriram getting calls from villain, they are going to kill the people which includes the police commissioner (Chalapathi Rao), official Chintamani (Gowtham Raju) and other people also.

Adi Narayana (Aditya Menon) who desire to become a Chief Minister. He is only the villain here. What happened to Reshma? Is Sriram catching Adi Narayana? Everything you will find on big screen.


Jai SriRam is the flick is having zero entertainment and from the beginning it will test your patience. Starting from first outline to ending there is nothing in the movie. First half is overflowing with nothing. Uday Kiran is good in all areas. Reshma also is just suited to her role. Coming to Second half is where you will get Uday in police uniform; there he tried to make justice to his role. Here in some of the areas real action stunts performed by Uday. But they are not up to the mark.


Coming to star performances Uday Kiran undertake a different role here in the film. He is good in police getup. Reshma looks good. She tries to score with her attractiveness. She reminds us Trisha in many areas of the movie. Gowtham Raju had done a very good job here. Harish Kalyan was solid but he wants to improve his skill a bit. Aditya Menon was excellent in his role. Tagubothu Ramesh was exhausted. Banerjee was ok. Chalapathi Rao had done his job well as like other movies. Sana was ok. Rest people also done justice to their respective roles.


Coming to the technical aspects of the movie, Director Balaji N Sai has given nothing special story here. Screenplay is not up to the mark. Coming to the direction he lacks clarity in many areas of the movie. Editing also almost worst here. Cinematography is just average. Music is not good. Background score also not up to the mark. Production values also looking very normal.