Leelamahal Center Movie Reviews

Year 2000

Leelamahal Center Review

Leela mahal Centre had been lying in the cans for several months. After you see the film, it doesn't surprise you. In a sense, it was better that way. Because there is nothing to recommend in this film.

It is a story that is as old as Methuselah. Prabhu (Aryan Rajesh) is a notorious rowdy who operates from Leela Mahal Centre. As it happens, he quickly falls in love with Anjali (Sada). She is the daughter of the police commissioner Sudhir (Suman). But like all true lovers, Prabhu changes himself for the sake of his heartthrob.

But enter villain GK (Atul Kulkarni). He is thirsting to finish off Prabhu. And what better way to do that than by targeting Anjali. In the end, all is well that ends well.

In a tacky role, Aryan Rajesh, in search of an elusive hit, is lively. But the poor story and a shallow script undo his efforts. Sada is energetic and poised. Atul Kulkarni is okay. Suman goes over the top as his wont. The comedians Dharmavarapu, Krishna Bhagwan, Brahmanandam all try earnestly but the story is the problem.

Music by S A Raj Kumar is on expected lines. There are no redeeming songs in the film. Screenplay and Direction by debutant Devi Prasad is mediocre. But Devi Prasad shows promise in stylized presentation.