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Romance Review


Story takes off with Krishna (Prince) narrating his story. He is a graduation student who is in search of his soulmate with some restrictions like a virgin girl and doesn’t believe in pre-marital sex. He comes across two women in which he wants to select a better character girl. He sees Lalitha aka Lola(Manasa) and gets attracted to her. He becomes close to Lola but later opines she is not right for him and ditches her for another girl Anuradha(Dimple). By the times, he feels Anuradha is the better girl for him the former starts on a mission to test Krishna back. What happens next forms the rest.


Prince is charming while his performance was good. But it’s better for the young lad to choose the scripts with care.

Dimple Chopade can barely act but has the sex appeal which she did her bit. Manasa was decent in her performances but lookswise she hasn’t scored much.

Sai as Bluetooth bobby, Venu Madhav brings few smiles here and there while others were there to fill the space.

Technical Analysis

Cinematography has nothing to boast of while the editing is jerky. Swamy not only fails as director but his dialogues also fail to impress. A couple of songs are good while the background score is pretty mediocre. Production values are standard.


The story is wafer-thin, neither the screenplay is impressive. The humor elements hardly impress and the dialogues are unattractive and looked c-grade. Swamy fails in his direction. Maruthi’s earlier films Ee Rojullo, Bus Stop though had adult comedy and double-entendre dialogues, the films have done well due to its plot and youth appeal, but Romance neither has a plot nor comedy but it’s packed with disgusting and sleazy content like guy testing girl’s virginity and character while the girl ends up testing a guy in girl’s hostel. Such scenes test the audiences patience. It’s not the romance, not the love story but plain trash. The title is misleading giving the impression of youthful love entertainer, but it’s totally crap with lust factor and double-entendre as main theme. The film has managed to create good hype with its title and promotions, but the makers fail to reach the hype.