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Rough Review


Rough is the story of an abandoned child Chandu [Aadi], a happy-go-lucky dashing youngster who values love. Chandu falls in love with college student Nandu [Rakul Preet] in the first sight and decides to marry her. Later he comes to know that Nandu is the only sister of business tycoon Siddharth [Sri Hari] and meets him to convey about the marriage proposal. A wicked prank Siddharth, challenges Chandu. Will Chandu accept Siddharth's challenge? Did he marry Nandu, finally? Forms the crux of Rough..


Aadi has given a refreshing performance. He showed improvement with each of his films and Rough is one to be noted. His toned and chiseled six pack abs are one to be mentioned. He looked perfect as a tough guy during fights, dancing skills are added advantage.

Rough was the first film for Rakul Preet Singh. She is as gorgeous and fine performing as a perfect commercial heroine in the movie. She is thoroughly complementing Aadi and her sister sentiment with Sri Hari is cherishing.

Sri Hari has given a challenging performance in his last movie, though it is a routine character of a loving and caring brother like he did in Dhee and Ahana Pellanta. Scenes between Aadi and Srihari have come out well.

Siva Reddy, Raghu Babu, Jayaprakash Reddy, Jabardasth Chandra are entertaining among others.

Technical Analysis:

CH Subba Reddy has taken age old story line and tried to bank on comedy and action with commercial touch, just to make it appealing for masses.

Slow paced screenplay, regular treatment are big let downs, otherwise the script had much scope to be a good commercial movie.

Mani Sharma has composed entertaining songs and background score go along the movie.

Song are well shot with bright light and camera angles, cinematography is good.

Editing could be much better. Marthand K Venkatesh could have easily trimmed many of the exteneded scenes.


Rough is like an age old Wine in old bottle. Neither the story nor the treatment is fresh, though the script is okay. Aadi, Rakul Preet, Srihari, Siva Reddy, Raghu Babu and comedians made the film engaging with their performances, else would be a failure.

Rough begins with a heavy note by introducing Aadi in a fight sequence that traverses through a usual love story, songs, challenge in the interval and finally ends up with highly predictable climax episode.

Overall, Rough is an outdated and boring film that could be watched for performances.