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Sahasam Movie Reviews

Sahasam Review


Goutham (Gopichand), who works as a security guard aims on fast money buying lottery tickets. As luck would have it, Goutham gets to know his grandfather Varma (Suman) has left valuable diamonds for his successors in Peshawar before the partition and now, the area falls in Pak and they are linked to Hinglaj Devi temple. Goutham decides to head to Pakistan and he takes the help of Srinidhi (Taapsee), an advocate of Hindu religion. Goutham later comes to know that Pakistani terrorists are eyeing on the same property. Will Goutham earn the property forms the rest of the story.


Gopichand is brilliant and delivers remarkable performance understanding his character, which he hasn’t done earlier. He shows power-packed performance in the action sequences and speaks with his body language.

Tapsee immerses herself into the role and enacts her part with gusto. Shakti Kapoor is magnificent setting the screen ablaze with his terrific performance. Narayana Murthy, Suman gives net performances and Ali entertains.

Technical Analysis

Cinematography by Shamdutt is rich and so is the art direction. Sri Chakravarthy’s background score is exhilarating. Director Ramakrishna’s art work needs special mention. Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao’s editing is appropriate. Chandrasekhar Yeleti’s direction is okay. Production values of Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra Creations are lavish.


Three years after delivering a commendable film Prayanam, Chandrasekhar Yeleti comes up with yet another novel attempt Sahasam based on treasure hunt. The director takes us to the 70’s and 80’s to set the plot.

Yeleti has earlier proved that he is a commendable storyteller and with Sahasam he is almost at it but the dragged screenplay tests the patience in the second half. His research on Hinglaj temple in Pakistan proves his efforts. The visuals are grand and the scenes shot in Ladakh recreating Pakistani ambience are wonderful. The special effects leave a thrilling effect on-screen.

The film finds the humor element in situation scenes to the plot like lottery scenes, ATM robbery. The humor is interlaced in the screenplay and the plot doesn’t go out off the track striving for commercial ingredients. The songs at times act as hindrance to the proceedings although they sound good and creatively shot.

Sahasam rests on Gopichand and he does the job well working really hard on brilliantly shot action sequences. While the filmmaker handles few portions brilliantly, the screenplay should've been exhilarating and engaging towards the climax rather than dragging and lengthy. The main treasure hunt episode scenes lacked the much needed-strong impact.