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Saradaga Ammaitho Movie Reviews

Saradaga Ammaitho Review


Santosh(Varun Sandesh) is a playboy. He leads a flashy lifes and has affairs with lots of girls. One fine day, he meets Geetha(Nisha Agarwal) and falls for her grace. He tries to woo her but to his bad luck, is ignored by Geetha completely. But he does not lose hope and continues to bug her.Sick and tired of Santosh’s tricks, Geetha throws him a huge challenge. She asks him to live in a ladies hostel for ten days and lays down a condition that he should not flirt with anyone. Once Santosh lands in the hostel, his patience is tested by some good looking girls who try to woo him all the time.

Santosh tries hard to keep away from these unnecessary attentions and in the process realizes his true love for Geetha. He decides to confront Geeta once again but to his shock comes to know that Geetaha has left him for good.
A depressed Santosh starts searching for Geetha and once he finds her ,he comes to know some bitter truths about Geetha and her identity. What are those truths? Why did Geetha leave him for good? That forms the rest of the story.

Positive Points:

Varun Sandesh has done a decent job in the movie. He is good in the scenes based in the ladies hostel. Nisha Agarwal gets a plump role and she makes the most of it. She looks beautiful in the songs.
Rao Ramesh is neat. Ali and Mumaith Khan are OK as a married couple and try to bring some laugh with their double meaning jokes. When compared to the first half second half has some interesting twits.

Negative Points:

Saradaga Ammaotho has a story which you might have seen in many films. The entire first half is outdated and has nothing much to offer. One would surely wonder why a star like Charmee needs to appear in a character which has no significance to the film. She is utterly wasted

Though second half has many twists and turns, most of them are highly predictable. An unnecessary comedy track and way too many songs spoil the flow of the film.Double meaning dialogues are very cheesy.The makers have faltered in the execution of this movie. A below par screenplay and some mediocre direction lets this film down completely.

Technical Points:

Music is ok. Editing could have been sharper as some scenes could have been chopped off. Camera work is pretty good.