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Thikka Review

Sai Dharam Tej, Larissa Bonesi, Mannara Chopra, Rajendra Prasad, Ajay, Ali, Satya, Saptagiri, Anand, Raghubabu, Posani Krishna Murali and Others.

Aditya (Sai Dharam Tej) loves a beautiful girl Anjali (Larissa). Aditya works in a corporate company but he is hardly seen working in an office but we get to see him taking up the bottle all the time. Anjali breaks up with him over a small quarrel and the frustrated Aditya along with his friends go to a restaurant and start drinking.

A series of mad events follow - they fight with some guys, destroy a restaurant, a petrol bunk is burnt, etc. We see lot of twists in the story with the introduction of many characters.

Sai Dharam Tej has shown his mark as a mass hero in all the movies he has acted so far but in this role he is completely misfit. The role is at best meant for a comedy actor. His dialogue delivery, his acting is irritating.

Heroine Larissa has looked like a junior artiste. Mannara Chopra who played the lead heroine in recently released "Jakkanna" has played a minor role.

The movie has many actors like Rajendra Prasad, Posani, Sapthagiri, Vennela Kishore but none have come up with worth talking performance. Like the movie everyone has done thikka acting.


The best part about 'Thikka' would be the music of SS Thaman. 'Nee Kosam', 'Vellipoke' and Title Track were impressive. Background Score is good. KV Guhan did a splendid job. Dialogues were poorly written. Production Values were rich. One must say Director Sunil Reddy learnt nothing from 'OM' failure. He wasted so much money on a project which neither had a decent story nor gripping screenplay.


Production Values




'Thikka' & tagline 'Unlimited' are so apt for this project. Telugu Audience mayn't have watched a such a crap in the recent past. Makers of 'Thikka' showed how a film can be made with a terrible characterizations, senseless screenplay and below par performances.

15 Minutes into the film, Viewer would start scratching his/her head as no one knows why so many silly characters come and go during the course of the movie. The confusion created by countless artistes will test the patience of audience within the First Half. One need to have lot of courage to watch the latter half of the movie.

Basically, 'Thikka' is based on the incidents in the life of the Youth in a span of one day. In almost all the scenes, At least one actor will be seen holding a liquor bottle in his hand. Particularly, Hero behaves as if he can't live without it. Either the lead actor would be seen drinking one bottle after the other or bash up people.

Although the run time is just 2 hr 20 min, 'Thikka' is hardly watchable. No one knows why the Director burnt the pocket of the Producer with unwanted chasing scenes, fights and songs. The Burqa comedy which lasts for 30 minutes is painful to watch. Don't be surprised if you feel 'Rey' is better than 'Thikka' after stepping into the theatres


Below Average Film