Vasool Raja Review


Navadeep, Srihari’s most awaiting film Vasool Raja released today. We know Navadeep he proved as a hero in some of the movies and he proved as support lead role. We know Srihari well as a villain and support actor. Both of the successful actors now come up with Vasool Raja.

Coming to story Vasool Raja (Navdeep) is a part time robber. He makes his source of revenue by robbing cars. One excellent day he meets Jaanu(Ritu Bharmecha). At the same time he falls in love with Jaanu. He introduced himself as a business man. Time passes away and Jaanu starts love with Vasool Raja.

They both get serious in love and they are planning to settle down in life. Then Vasool Raja plans his final robbery. He joined with a group who import illegal arms in to the country. Then real star Srihari comes into the picture. ACP Yadav(Sri Hari) is appointed to take care of the illegal arms. Then what happens to Vasool Raja? What happens to his love story? Find everything on the big screen…


Coming to movie analysis Navdeep had done a very good job here in the film. Here Navdeep come up with a couple of shades in the film. He delivers his role with a very easy manner especially the negative role. Coming to First half 20 minutes of the film is very interesting. The one of the drawback of the film is its story. This story tested in a lot of films. The movie Script is almost weak. Here director Karthikeya Gopala Krishna has done not anything special to make this movie is different. It has missing logic in many areas of the movie. Finally, Vasool Raja movie is not up to the mark. It is just below average movie.


Navdeep had done a neat job here. He will suites to the cunning roles and negative roles. Navdeep will surely live up to his expectations. Real star Sri Hari performance is always natural and real as like other movie. He performed as a police officer here. Sri Hari gives a powerful and honest performance. Ritu Barmecha looked gorgeous. She is not at all suited to her role. She had done justice to her role. Satyam Rajesh comedy path is okay. Taagubothu Ramesh also done some of the funny scenes well. Brahmanandam is not that much funny comparatively.


Director Karthikeya Gopala Krishna comes up with a routine story line. This is the very first drawback of the film. Editing should have been faraway better. Cinematography is good in all aspects. Rama Swamy Dialogues are good. Chinni Charan Music is ok. Background score also good in required areas. Production values of the film are good.