Ganesha Movie Reviews

Ganesha Review

The hype this film created is because of the presence of two famous senior comedy actors Jaggesh and Ananthnag handled by stylish and dexterous director Dinesh Baboo is an above average film.

Billed as the comedy film 'Ganesha' possess brother and sister relationship and dose of friendship. Jaggesh the chatter box comedy actor histrionics and dialogue delivery is very well made utilized by Dinesh Baboo.

As a matter of fact the first half gives a feeling that you are sitting in a laughing club. The second half is filled anxious moments and stressing time for the hero.

Ganesha's (Jaggesh) father (Ananthnag) has taken two promises at the time of his death. The house should not be sold and the secret box in the Pooja room should not be opened. Ganesh agreeing to it slowly change his stand and look for brokers to sell the house. His father haunts him. He comes in front of Ganesha (invisible to other characters in the film) every time he makes an attempt to sell the house. Ganesha a free loader in his life learns what is the significance of self reliance and need of a job from two ordinary persons. At the time of transformation of his mind three teachers in the village come to this house for living.

Ganesha admits them so that he can live on the rent paid by them. One of the three teachers fall in love with him but a stranger looking for a place to live puts Ganesha in trouble. That is because the intruder in this huge house is a murderer. The vigorous hunt is made by the police because of the pressure from influential person in the society.

An advertisement in the newspaper for the look out of the murderer further puts Ganesha in trouble because the murderer lived in his house. Ganesha himself comes forward to handover the youth to the police but he is shocked to know that the youth (played by Ajay Rao) is none other than his brother in law. Ganesh's step mother daughter is married to this youth. Another surprise is that with the help of three teachers his pregnant sister is living in one corner of his house.

Ganesh on the advices of his invisible father takes the storm on his side and fights the case of murder in the court. His brother in law is sentenced to two years simple imprisonment. At this time he sells the huge house for the support of his sister. In the end he walks out from the house with his sister and the invisible father ask Ganesh to take away the precious box that is in the pooja room of the house. He is shocked to find valuable ornaments and huge money in that box office. The invisible father at this juncture says that he was his 'Atma Saakshi' (conscience) all this time and nothing else.

It is a treat to watch Jagesh and Ananthnag interaction and altercation on the screen. Both are humorous and have the typical style in dialogue delivery and give good expressions. The bunch of other actors Rangayana Raghu, Sharan, Mandip Rai, Ramesh Bhat, Vanitha Vasu, Ranjini, Ajay Rao are apt. The beauty of Dinesh Baboo film is that for every minute role he gives importance.

Manikanth Khadri has given top prominence to melody and he has succeeded in his first film. But he should have been careful in singer Pradeep Kumar diction of Kannada language. Cinematography by director himself is superb.

This is a passable entertainer with lot of good elements for the week end.