Meravanige Movie Reviews

Meravanige Review

Director of two box office hit films 'Arasu and Akash' (both Puneeth Rajakumar and Ramya starring films) in Kannada Mahesh Babu has extended his dexterity in direction once again in his third film 'Meravanige'. He has made a good screenplay, defined the roles very well, selected the right artists including the debutant Andrita Ray, looked at the right locations and technicians to make 'Meravanige' for producer Kantharaj. If the trend of Mahesh Babu continues like this he will be one of the rare directors to make the film according the pulse of the audience. A worth watching film and paisa vasool guaranteed!

The bubbly Nandini (Andrita Ray) and shining Vijay (Prajwal Devaraj) are at loggerheads in the college days. Nandini's father Avinash is ACP while Vijay's father Bhanuprakash is DCP. They are very good colleagues in the police department. Vijay has the knack of tackling anything in a novel style. One and only kidnap he makes for question papers of Commerce subject in the college lands him in piquant situation. Nandini hates him very much for this foul practice. Around this time Vijay's father and Nandini's father looking for terrorists surround the dangerous Basheer brother in a shoot out and bring him to the lock up. Basheer is on the look out for the end of ACP and DCP is expected. When Vijay notice that his father is about to be gunned down he traces the culprits and hand over another important companion of Basheer to the police. Knowing the valiance of Vijay the ACP and DCP decide to arrange for the marriage of their son and daughter.

Vijay agrees for his father opinion and Nandini is ready to meet Vijay at coffee day to discuss on the marriage. Both of them are shocked when they meet. They throw tantrums at each other once again but before they leave the place they are kidnapped. Vijay and Nandini the estranged friends who are supposed to become life partners in the eyes of their parents are in the dense forest that is controlled by Basheer and his gang. Vijay proves that he is tough guy to tie down. He escapes with Nandini but they are lost in the dense forest. Still disliking in the difficult times Vijay and Nandini after reels reach the situation where in Vijay shows how immensely he is in love with Nandini. In fact Nandini was also secretly in love with Vijay but that does not bring them to the marriage hall. Basheer and gang extend their rigorous search and on the other hand the police department looking at the torture of Nandini CD clipping sent traces the hideouts. Vijay in the nick of the moment finds the route to reach home. He sends Nandini in a stranger vehicle but that stranger is the informant of Basheer. Nandini is in the captivity of Basheer and Vijay on the other side is looking for Basheer gang. At this time the police reach with a truce plan. The bloody battle turns very interesting for the front benchers.

This is the perfect kind of role for Chocó faced Prajwal Devaraj. He has improved considerably in his fourth film in dialogue delivery. He is too good in action and romance is also cake walk for him. He has the timing for comedy too. The Chaco bar chocolate is the pretty looking Andrita Ray. A very beautiful looking Andrita Ray is good in her expressions and dance. She has freaked out in a song that reminds actress Malashri's 'Nanjundi Kalyana' song Olage Seridhare Gundu€¦the song still popular. Andrita has minimum of costumes in this film because she is kidnapped and kept in the forest with Prajwal. Kannada film industry has got a diligent actress.

Bhanuprakash, Avinash, Sadhu Kokila, Komalkumar and Ravi Kale have done their roles very well. Vidya Murthy and Srisudha are apt in the mother roles.

V.Manohar has given three lovely tunes. The mixture of a song with hero and heroine singing on their way to meet is a good thought. The cinematography by Mahesh Talkad is impressive.

On the whole 'Meravanige' is a nice entertainer.

Scoring 7.5/10