Shukra Movie Reviews

Shukra Review

Veteran actress Leelavathi in an attempt to give the action image to her son fails to impress in the script she has prepared. The film is full of action scenes with not even wafer thin interesting story line. Vinodraj with a moderate hit last year from 'Kannadadha Kandha' once again bank on action and dance to attract the front bench audience. For the average and above average audience there is nothing new as every development is predictable.

Soorya is an inspector while Shukra is a gangster. They are not twins by birth but similar in looks. Soorya takes up the tough case of Nirmaladevi (Leelavathi) and he is stabbed by the villain gang that is in connivance of the police department which Soorya is unaware. Now the cynosure is on gangster Shukra. He opposes the killings of innocent upright cop Soorya and he investigates that his boss Dharmaraj (Ninasam Ashwath) is the one who is behind the missing teenage girls. Shukra uses his courage for doing well to the society and finish off his boss Dharmaraj gang. Where is the room for the heroine you would ask? Priya Dixit comes after every action scene dance, sing and disappear.

Vinodraj has to make serious thinking on selection of good story. He is a very senior actor now and he cannot just go on giving temporary kick to the front benchers. Except stunts and dance he has nothing new to offer. There is no message at all in this film. He should know that film is a mass media and a film maker has to be responsible. Priya Dixit is awful. Leelavathi is boring. Aswath Ninasam from television to film has been a right choice. He has very good career for powerful villain roles in Kannada.

The debutant music director Gautham has taken inspiration from Hindi film songs. One song sung by Mysore Gangotri who imitates the voice of Dr.Rajkumar in his singing is a gimmick used in the film. Cinematographer Mallikarjun has struggled very hard because of too many action scenes in the film.

This is only for action lovers.