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Anthaku Mundu Aa Tharuvatha Movie Reviews

Anthaku Mundu Aa Tharuvatha Review


Anil (Sumanth Ashwin) goes to Hyderabad from Rajahmundry after his mom (Rohini) keeps pestering him to get married. Anil does not like arranged marriage and with his father (Rao Ramesh) support he goes off to Hyderabad. He comes across Ananya (Eesha) in Hyderabad and falls for her, who makes greetings and artwork. Ananya falls for him but her parents (Ravi Babu and Madhubala) goes through marital crisis and this worries the girl in taking her relationship forward while similar worries of their relationship bothers Anil too. The duo later comes up with the idea of secret live-in relationship to take a compatibility test and the rest forms the story.

Performances :

Sumanth Ashwin as Anil delivers a decent performance. He shows a remarkable improvement in emotional scenes and dialogue delivery compared to his debut Tuneega Tuneega. He impresses as a dancer as well.

Eesha is good looking and plays her role convincingly. Her chemistry with Sumanth Ashwin works out, which is the much needed factor for romantic entertainers.

Madhubala who made her comeback after a long gap is a show stealer. Rohini and Rao Ramesh are classy in their performances while Ravi Babu and Jhansi are impressive. Srinivas Avasarala entertains with witty one-liners. The film had an impressive casting.

Technical Analysis :

PG Vindha’s cinematography is on top-class while Kalyani Malik’s music is melodious and impressive . Indraganti Mohan Krishna succeeds as a writer and director. The dialogues are quite impressive. Screenplay thrives in freshness and is engaging. Editing of the film is neatly done and art direction is good and the production values are rich.

Analysis :

Anthaka Mundu Aa Tarvatha is an urbane romantic entertainer in Indraganti Mohan Krishna’s trademark style with clean entertainment. He succeeds as a director as well as writer. The film is Indraganti’s take on why life after wedding is not the same as before despite love marriage for many. The scenes are relatable; the story/concept is fresh, narration is simplistic yet the screenplay is engaging with matured handling.

The performances, lead pair chemistry, music, dialogues complement the film’s story. The first half offers entertainment with good one-liners while the second half is more of emotional scenes. The climax has been very well handled and is heart of the film though the pace has dropped in the post-interval scenes.