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Back Bench Student Movie Reviews

Back Bench Student Review

Director Madhura Sridhar's latest offering Back Bench Student has caught the attention of few eyeballs due to its packaging and promotion. The director was immensely confident over his product that he conducted a huge Premiere show for this film. However the results haven't turned up as expected.


Karthik (Mahat) is a poor student who doesn't take his future seriously. As a result he fails in studies as well as loses his girlfriend Priyanka (Archana). But he has few skills that would help him find a good job. Chaitra (Pia) helps him to find job and gives him hope. Now Priyanka returns into Karthik's life but he is already in love with Chaitra. How this triangle ends up is the rest of the story.


Mahat is a poor choice to portray this role. He is weak in expressions and the awkward dubbing didn't do much good either. He tries too hard to impress but unfortunately he doesn't have it in him. Archana is alright. Should have taken care about her lip sync. Pia Bajpai's poor expressions failed to get the desired impact. Her character was supposed to be damsel in distress, but she lacks talent to pull it off. Brahmanandam and Ali are wasted. Rest of the star cast did okay in their respective roles.


Madhura Sridhar targeted young audience yet again. But his imaginative skills and narrative skills are pretty limited. He has noble ideas but couldn't convert them into a good film. He has failed as a writer and director and also is an utter disaster in getting the desired output from his team. Music by Sunil Kashyap is a pain. None of the songs are good and the background score is sheer torture. Cinematography is inconsistent, but never goes up beyond below average mark. Editing is very poor. Production values are okay.


Back Bench Student is like a film made with a team of back benchers. None of the team have put up their hand to pull this off. Story starts off an alright note and treads along in an okay manner for few minutes. But the director is left clueless after sometime. Meaningless scenes and aimless direction makes things worse for Back Bench Student. The film's fate is evident by interval point.

Any hopes of a better second half dies down immediately as the film heads in a predicable path with mediocre scenes. Anybody could guess the climaxand director made valiant efforts to make it watchable but in vain. Ali and Brahmanandam are thrown in to lift the hopes up, but neither of them could help the ship from sinking. Few dialogues are good and that is the only bright side in this film.

Attractive title might help the film to get some collections in the opening weekend, but it doesn't possess anything worthy to stand tall at the box office. Back Bench Student is Madhura Sridhar's weakest film till date.