Legend Review


Krishna (Bala Krishna) is an NRI who lives in Dubai and he couldn’t let go off injustice happening in front of him. He loves Sneha (Sonal Chauhan) and seeks his grandmother blessings for the marriage. His grand mother is strict and wants him to stay away from any fights. He heads to India for surprising his grandmother but with a couple of events, he fights against Jitendra (Jagapathi Babu)’s son. This results Krishna turning enemy to Jitendra and when the confronts, he remembers old rivalry with his family as Krishna resembles Jayadev (Bala Krishna). Who is Jayadev? What is the old rivalry? Howe does it end up forms the rest of Legend story.


Bala Krishna delivers a brilliant performance. As Jayadev, he is very impressive and excelled in sentiment, action scenes with his trademark style dialogue delivery and too good screen presence. Legend is a true delight for Bala Krishna fans where the star even impresses with political reference dialogues.

Radhika Apte looks royal and here characterization is neatly etched. Her scenes with Bala Krishna are an additional asset.

Sonal Chauhan is glamorous and sizzles in a brief role. Her dubbing could have been better.

Jagapathi Babu is a revelation in the negative lead. He brought style to the role with his good screen presence and his mark dialogue delivery. Brahmanandam is wasted in a poor role, Kalyani and Suhasini Maniratnam are impressive, Brahmaji, LB Sriram, Chalapathi Rao were okay in their regular roles.

Technical Analysis

Devi Sri Prasad’s music scores are just okay but the BGM elevates the powerful scenes and takes the proceedings to next level. Cinematography is on top-notch. Boyapati Srinu’s direction in the second half is effective while he could have made it racy in first half too. Dialogues by Rathnam are massy and needs special mention. Screenplay is racy while editing could have been crispier with 160.29 mins long run time. Production values by 14 Reels and Varaahi banners are lavish.


With their earlier combo being a blockbuster Simha, expectations on Legend are quite high among movie lovers. Boyapati Srinu packed it with right mix of commercial ingredients and showcasing Bala Krishna in a powerful role. Bala Krishna’s performance, mannerisms, energetic dances, sentimental scenes and his typical style of dialogue delivery are as asset for Legend and would impress all the actor’s fans. Second half is the major asset of the movie and the sharp dialogues in the second hour are an additional asset. All the lead casts Radhika Apte, Jagapathi Babu performances are impressive.

On the downside, Brahmanandam’s comedy track irritates and songs in the first hour aren’t effective. Despite the racy screenplay and exciting Bala Krishna’s performance, it lacked freshness and reminds you the shades of Simha.

While the first half is okay with few interesting moments, the interval bang in too good leaving scope to second half. The flash back episodes are effective and Jayadev’s characterization gels with the masses.