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Pyar Mein Padipoyane Movie Reviews

Pyar Mein Padipoyane Review


Chandra (Aadi), an aspiring singer falls for Yuktha (Shanvi Srivasthava), who is from college at first site and to get closer to her, he starts a music band called crazy with the help of recording company owner Bobby (Vennala Kishore). Yuktha meanwhile bags a deal from Aditya Music. Chandra’s childhood pranks with Yukta become speed breakers to his love story. What does Chandra do in the childhood that Yukta hates him even now. Will they unite forms the rest of the story.


Aadi is good in a youthful role as Chandra and he impresses with his dances, dialogue delivery and body language.

Shanvi Srivasthava looks beautiful and performed well. Her chemistry with Aadi works well.

Sapthagiri evokes some laughs, Vennela Kishore is okay while Thagubothu Ramesh fails to bring laughs due to poor characterization, Kasi Vishwanadh is brief.

Technical Analysis

Cinematography is on top-notch and the visuals are appealing. Anup Rubens musical scores are impressive and the title song is shot well in exotic locales. Ravi Chavali’s direction is just okay and dialogues are crisp. Screenplay is slightly better in the second half than the first half. Editing could have been better. Production values are standard.


Pyaar Mein Padipoyane has nothing new in terms of story as we have come across lots of love stories in similar lines. The first half of the film had scenes between the leads which work well and the comedy works in parts, otherwise the first hour had lot of boring and predictable moments. Director Ravi Chavali could have worked more on execution. The second half though has interesting proceedings, the pace slackens at times with dragging climax. Sapathagiri’s scenes are an asset in the second half. The latter half is slightly more engaging than the first hour of the movie. Songs have been shot well but the placement hinders the tempo without much connectivity to the love story.