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Sarrainodu Review

With the season's first biggie Sardaar Gabbar Singh turning out to be an epic disappointment, fans and trade are heavily banking upon Sarrainodu to come to the rescue. Boyapati Srinu's decent track record and ever reliable Allu Arjun combining with Allu Aravind, one of the top producers of Telugu film industry, one would expect a minimum guarantee film. However, Sarainodu suffered a lot due to bad story and screenplay. Allu Arjun did his best to save this film from being a debacle, but even a star cannot help a lackluster script to be a blockbuster.

What is it about?

Gana (Allu Arjun) the son of Chief Secretary falls in love with local MLA (Catherine). When he decides to give up his rebellious attitude to marry her, in comes Maha (Rakul) with a big problem. Now Gana has to lock horns with blood thirsty, powerful criminal Dhanush (Aadi) to save Maha from the trouble. Who is this Maha and how is she linked to Dhanush? Why does she comes running to Gana for help?


Allu Arjun: Allu Arjun has never attempted a full blooded massy entertainer in his career so far. Boyapati Srinu is particularly known for making mass masala films with heavy dose of violence and bloodshed. Allu Arjun effortlessly slips into the character. His bulked up body makes us believe that he has the raw power to kick and kill that many bad guys. Allu Arjun added his dose of comedy to the film with his antics and dialog delivery. Allu Arjun fans won't be disappointed with the film as the actor delivers a commendable performance all the way.

Aadi Pinishetty and Others: Boyapati is known for creating some of the powerful villains Telugu film audience have ever seen. We expect a lot when an actor of Aadi caliber is given the antagonist role. Aadi looks suave and stylish. However he is not as menacing as he should be. His character is not etched properly as it loses steam after a while.

Rakul Preeth is just okay. All she has to do is look admiringly at Allu Arjun whenever he is bashing the bad guys. Catherine is a miscast as the MLA. Brahmanandam's comedy is stale, so is Vidyullekha's. There are a lot of noted actors in the film but none makes an impression including Srikanth.


Boyapati Srinu banks upon his strengths yet again. He didn't take Allu Arjun's image into consideration. He focused only upon presenting Allu Arjun in a mass avatar. He spent a lot of time on hero elevation shots and scenes. He didn't take much care about the script that goes haywire most of the times. Allu Arjun had to put things back on track whenever Boyapati goes off the mark.

Thaman's background score is powerful. Songs are good and are shot lavishly. Dialogues could have been better. Cinematography is top class. Editing is bad as the film drags on and on. Production values are one of the biggest assets to this film.

Thumbs Up:

Allu Arjun

Hero Elevations

Thumbs Down:

Uninteresting Script

Overdose Of Violence

Predictable Climax


A lot of buildup is given to the villain right from the first scene. We settle in expecting a tug of war between the villain and the hero. However hero is too powerful that any number of rowdies can't even pull out a button from his shirt. At least the director should have given the villain an upper hand for some time.

But nothing can stop the hero from whatever he does and wherever he wants to go. Even the villain looks like a mere puppet after a while. There is little depth in Boyapati's story that it struggles hard to keep going. Boyapati Srinu has included many fight scenes to keep the audiences interested.

All the stunts are choreographed in the same way. There is no variety and it gets hideous after some time. We expect a powerful climax because of the powerful villain, but all we are served is a run of the mill stuff that ends horribly predictable. There are few bright points about the film, but we cannot let this one pass off as a passable fare as there are so many more dark moments. Allu Arjun's spotless performance is the main highlight of this Boyapati's bland and boring mass masala offering.