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Nandeesha Movie Reviews

Nandeesha Review

Story :

A Remake of Malayalam film ‘Thilakkam’ made in 2003, the Kannada version is coming in updated version in dialogues almost a decade later in the production of Komal Kumar.

It is the search of son in the house of school teacher Nanjundaswamy (Srinivasamurthy). When Nandeesha (Komal Kumar) was eight years he is lost in a fare. His father is searching from 10 years annually giving missing son advertisement in the newspaper.

To the temporary satisfaction Nandeesha is found from an orphan house. He is brought to the village. There is some problem in the mental system of Nandeesha. He is not the usual person. His behaviors are atrocious and evoke laughter. It is Kavya (Malavika) who shows sympathy because Nandeesha is a childhood friend of her. Kavya is loved by her relative results in vengeance. After a fall from a height Nandeesha regains his earlier memory and give back in his style.

At this time the flash back of Nandeesha who is actually Vishnu is revealed by his actual father who hatches a plot to save his son.

In the flash back Vishnu is running OK channel in Ooty. He is in love with Sonia (Parul Yadav). When Sonia makes an investigative report that is very costly for Vishnu and Sonia. The detractors of a KP Pharmaceuticals decide to kill Vishnu and Sonia. When they are pushed from a height Sonia dies but Vishnu escapes with mental disorder. Finally Vishnu accepts Kavya as his life partner.


A remake film of Malayalam coming to Kannada after ten years is not a bumper one for the audience. Komal Kumar known for wit and comedy in his films has not picked the right remake for his image. Who wants to see Komal Kumar crying, taking blows and playing the underdog role? He has developed a strong audience when he was a comedy actor. In ‘Kal Manja and Govindayanamaha’ he turned as hero. He did not leave the right kind of role and did not miss out the comedy elements for his fans.

In this ‘Nandeesha’ it is not a complete laugh riot from Komal Kumar. Audiences at many places keep silent for the turn of tragic incidents. When he is in the village as dull headed Nandeesha it is a sorry state of affairs. In the Ooty episodes running OK Kannada channel he is taken to task and Sonia supersede him. Then where is the major chunk of comedy or dialogue delivery for which Komal Kumar is famous for? Only at places we see the witty Komal Kumar and obesity for him has come as a disturbance.

For the Kannada audience Dr Rajakumar playing the role in ‘Bhale Huchcha’ is still evergreen and comedy episodes still linger in the memory. Komal Kumar as Nandeesha brought to the village must have been altered with various funny situations and that would have given him a challenge. The portion of village is limited and cuts a sorry figure. There was a chance for Komal Kumar to emote as ‘Huchcha’ but is limited to only pulling the dhoti.

In the second half the flash back fall of Komal Kumar from a height with Parul Yadav is lifted straight from Dr Kamal Hassan film. The heroine succumbing to death and hero tucked by a branch is known tragic scene.


As protagonist Komal Kumar has attempted very well. Histrionics are impressive. He has danced well in Kissalli Hodi….song that has already created rage. The dark costumes selected for Komal Kumar is not a right selection. Can I call you Sonia, there won’t be problem from Congress, I am not able to control with this beauty I will go to a song referring to Parul Yadav – Komal Kumar original wit is seen and heard.

Parul Yadav is more impressive than Malavika in this film ‘Nandeesha’. Parul Yadav portions are in the second half. Her looks and ability to emote plus dance are superb. Malavika leaves a feeling that as if she is acting.

Srinivasamurthy and Ramesh Bhat are wonderful in the supporting roles. The learners of perfect diction and emotion should study from these two actors. Two actors in this film have done mimicry of Doddanna and Rangayana Raghu.


The veteran in lyrics and music Hamsalekha lives up to the expectations. He starts off with a melody for actress Malavika, a peppy song in the Dhaba background for Komal Kumar, moves to the magic number of Kissalli Hodi….Three songs are in good numbers for the masses.

Selvam in his cinematography has not left any shortfalls although he looks short in height. The action on bridge with wide angle, the tourist place Gokak Falls near Belgaum and shots in the Ooty with mist are memorable ones.