Aranmanai Review


Aranmanai is one more horror thriller in the know that is laced with loads of trade mark comedy by Sundar C. Movie has a usual start with the lead stars moving into a palace, where they find it is a haunted house, after a series of eerie moments took place. Enters Sundar C to help them out with a solution and unfolds a storing flashback, which is the reason for the events happening. Watch Aranmanai on big screens for the performances...


Hansika steals the show with her beauty and performance. She is gala on-screen and emotes well in the series of strange and unusual elements taking place around her.

Raai Lakshmi and Andrea Jeremiah have been allotted equal space. They have done their parts well. Vinay Rai has presented astound act in his scheme of things.

Sundar C has given a noteworthy performance and Santhanam is back on roller-coaster. Manobala and Kovai Sarala are significant among others...

Technical Analysis:

Sundar C has proved he is a maverick director once again. Said to be an horror thriller, he had maintained the scary and comedy tracks at a good pace without side tracking one another.

Music by Bharathwaj is good. Unnecessary songs including introduction song for Vinay. Karthik Raja's background scores are an asset for Aranmanai.

Cinematography takes the movie to a next level. Visuals are an important aspect for a horror flick and Aranamani scores good in it.

Vision I media has lavishly produced Aranmanai that is confidently distributed by Red Giant Movies and Sri Thenandal Films. Compared to first half second half is racy, trimming is needed.


Aranmanai appears to be another winner, joining the bandwagon of horror-comedy films including Chandramukhi, Kanchana, Pizza, Yaamirukka Bayamey and others.

Equally entertaining and scary, first half of Aranmanai is well carried by the comedy by Kovai Sarala, Manobala, Santhanam and Raai Lakshmi till Hansika entered before interval. Equaling the screen time and justifying the characters importance Sundar C, Hansika and Andrea takes care of the remaining half, while Vinay Rai justifies his role.

Though Hansika played the lead role as 'Pei', Raai Lakshmi scores more attention in the movie.