786 Khadhi Prema Kadha Movie Reviews

786 Khadhi Prema Kadha Review

What happens when imagination becomes wacky and weird? Well, for results see 786--Khaidi Premakatha.

The film's essential story is something that only fevered mind can think of.

Just read this: Rajesh (Shashikanth), a idealistic youth, wants to become a doctor. And he gets enough marks in his school final too. But his parents throw up their hands in inability for his higher studies. So a distraught Rajesh settles down to work in a tea shop.

So far so good. But from here the story takes off. Seeing his predicament, the villagers fund Rajesh's medical studies. He also gets into college with the idea of serving them.

But fate intervenes in the form of Alekhya (Yana Sheik). She is rich and naturally loves Rajesh. And she is also ready to go to the village for Rajesh's sake. So what does her father do? Well, he fixes Rajesh on the trumped charge of murder.

The poor fellow is made to cool his heels in the jail. So in comes another girl Roshini (Poonam Bhartke) who we are told is a research scholar on jails. She comes to interview criminals but also understands the innocence of Rajesh.

So she helps him escape the jail and finally all is well as the film ends.

The hero just hams or gapes at the camera. The heroines just lark around in outfits that a kindergarten student would have difficulty getting in. The music, by Sri Lekha, passes muster. But the camerawork is patchy.

Nageshwara Rao's direction is nondescript.

Waste of time and energy.