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Yamudu 2 Movie Reviews

Yamudu 2 Review


The story takes off with the clippings of Yamudu from where it ended. Narasimham (Surya) joins as NCC school teacher following the orders of Minister working as undercover agent. He tracks the illegal activities of criminal networks and gets to know the smuggling activities of Bhai (Mukesh Rishi). He takes charge as DSP once he gets the needed evidences and in this regard he comes across international drug dealer Danny? How does he trap him and bashes up the baddies forms the rest of the story.


Suriya carries the film on his shoulders and he brings out the required body language and needed energy for his powerful role as a cop. He is a charmer and conveys much through eye expressions and shows his terrific screen presence. He lives up to the expectations bringing intensity to his character.

Hansika delivers a decent performance and her role in the film connects to the main plot. Anushka is glamorous but shares screen space just for the songs.

Vivek and Santhanam brings laughs to an extent, Vijay Kumar bags good role as minister, Rahman, Mukesh Rishi and Danny does what is required.

Technical Analysis

Priyan’s cinematography is on top rate capturing the beautiful Tuticorin and the South African locales. The songs have been shot well, though DSP tunes are mediocre. Background score is not so impressive. Screenplay is racy though predictable. Unnecessary scenes with loud action could have been edited as few parts have lengthy and repetitive. Production values are good.


Director Hari has planned to make Singam as racy as possible and incorporate loads of commercial elements. But it has turned overdose in the second half of the film. Despite weaving it with racy and taut screenplay, overdose of action and too many negative characters, it turns repetitive. The lighter scenes are more enjoyable than the loud and numerous action sequences.

Vivek and Santhanam provide some relief to this non-stop action entertainer. The initial scenes of first half drag on but the story picks up pace when Suriya takes charge as DSP and the interval is quite good while the second half has racier screenplay. Climax is yet another downer.

Predictability, too many loud fights plays a spoilsport to this commercial mass entertainer though the proceedings are racy.