Pavitra Review


Shriya Saran’s “Pavitra” most awaiting telugu movie released today. This movie is related to drama completely. This is narrative of a prostitute. Director and writer of the movie Janardhan Maharshi made it very carefully. Here Shriya Saran as Pavitra attractive.

Coming to story of the movie is all about the politician’s shameless corruption and how swamji’s are getting normal people money. And finally how Shriya Saran fights against all these things for the society will form the complete story of the movie. Coming to the movie characters Shriya Saran (Pavitra) is an orphan. Only because of sistuations Pavitra come into prostitution to save her mother. But Pavitra is not able to save her. Then she is decided and starts with the intention of earning more money. To keep away from this polluted corner for other girls in the coming future Pavitra started a charitable trust also. There she provides free treatment to the poor people. For this purpose she earns money.

A photographer Sivaji(Siva) influence girls to share bed with them and he will records the videos. And then he will blackmail them. Because of this one of the attempt the suicide. Then Pavitra saves her and finds Siva. Later she recovers the money from Siva then distributes money to the girls. For the time being Sai Kumar (MLA)’s son loves Pavitra. Here male lead comes into picture. Kaushik(Abhi) is the male lead here. Sai Kumar rejects this and because of situations MLA accepts to their marriage. What happens next? It will form the rest of the story...


Shriya Saran’s prostitute performance is big asset to the movie. The storyline of the movie is wonderful. Direction is rewardable. Now a days most of the movies with the same script came in the earlier period. Most of the movies have shows just the mysterious side of the life but here it is different. Pavitra is a very colourful movie. Coming to the name of the movie also suits here. Coming to the main areas of the movie scenes between Saikumar and Sriya, as well as Ravi Babu and Sriya are simply superb. These particular scenes gave a perfect detonation for the movie. Overall movie is rotate into Politicians and Swamiji. This is overall a good movie.


Coming to the star performances Sriya Saran looking superb here. She is also look like exact match of a prostitute role. Here Shriya shows her complete experience in these variations in her body language in multiple areas of the movie. Sriya deliverd powerful dialogues here. Almost she is the hero of the movie and she shows heroism here. This character is the best in Sriya’s career for life.

Coming to Sai Kumar also done a great job here. He is also having a powerful character like Prasthanam movie. Sai Kumar’s voice once again superb here. AVS is decent here. Roja is just ok but not upto the mark here. Avunu movie fame Chintu appears energetic. Brahmanandam also ok here. Rest of the cast also done justice to their respective roles.


Coming to technical front of the movie Janardhana Maharshi done a very good job and big job here. Because he is writer and the director of the movie. Movie narration also ok in all areas. He has done an outstanding job dialogues wise. One beautiful dialogue is here like ‘I am selling just my body. You are selling the whole nation’. This is the Pavitra dialogue in the movie. Editing also good in all the areas of the movie. Cinematography also good here. Coming to the music and the background score are just above average here. Production values are ok here.