Khoya Burfi Recipe

Preparation Time
Difficulty Difficult
Occasion Diwali
Recipe Type Sweets
Cuisine South Indian

Khoya burfi is a traditional Indian mithai or sweet dish recipe with creamy rich khoya sweetened and then flavoured with badam, elaichi and served garnished with pista shavings.


Ingredient Quantity Calories Fat Cholestrol
Milk 2.5 litre 1045 20.25 10
Sugar 250 gram 967.5
Pista 0.5 cup 356.25 31.25
Water 0.75 cup 0
2368.75 51.5 10

Preparation Method

  1. 1 Take a pan and bOil the Milk on a high flame with a continuous stir.
  2. 2 Now reduce the flame and keep stirring.
  3. 3 Remove from the flame when the Milk gets thick..
  4. 4 Now add Sugar to the thickened Milk.
  5. 5 Stir Till it dissolves and allow it to cool.
  6. 6 After the Milk gets cool, add Cardamom Powder and Pista to it and mix properly.
  7. 7 Spread the mixture on a greased metal tray in a uniform manner.
  8. 8 Press silver sheets on the mixture.
  9. 9 When the mixture gets set cut it into medium-sized squares.
  10. 10 Delicious khoa Burfi is ready to be served.