Mushroom Pepper Fry Recipe

Preparation Time
Difficulty Easy
Occasion General
Recipe Type Fry
Cuisine South Indian

Mushroom Pepper fry is very delicious by all means. I love this even though I am a pure non-vegetarian. This can be served as starter, side dish or even can be server with chapati, roti etc.


Ingredient Quantity Calories Fat Cholestrol
Mushroom 25 nos 94.5 1.25
Onion 2 nos 56 0.14
Green Chillies 6 nos 21.6
Capsicum 1 nos 8.4
Curry Leaves 1 spring 3.21
Mustard 0.25 kilogram 168 10
Cumin Powder 0.25 tablespoon 9.45 0.45
Ginger Garlic Paste 0.25 tablespoon 0.16
Salt 1 as required
Oil 1 tablespoon 241.92 34
603.24 45.84 0

Preparation Method

  1. 1 Remove the stem of mushroom and chop the Mushrooms and wash them well.Chop the onions, green chillies and capsicum. In a Pan heat the cooking oil and sauté the sliced onions when they get translucent add curry leaves and sauté in high flame until all the watery contents get dried up. Add chopped capsicum, green chillies to the pan and keep it for 3-5 minutes. Keep this aside and take another pan, add some cooking oil. (Next step is to fry the mushrooms). Add cumin powder to the pan and add the sliced mushrooms. Cook it well until the mushroom becomes tender. Add a pinch of salt to mushroom. Add masala which has already prepared to the mushroom, mix both well. cover the pan for 2-3 mints and serve it hot. Tip Before frying the Mushroom use some towel/paper to remove the water content. This will be helpful for frying, otherwise the water content in the mushroom will be extracted while frying. You wouldn't be able to fry it properly.