Adhirasam Recipe

Preparation Time
Difficulty Easy
Occasion Diwali
Recipe Type Sweets
Cuisine South Indian



Ingredient Quantity Calories Fat Cholestrol
Raw Rice 1 cup 684.5 0.93
Jaggery 1 cup 250
Coconut 1 cup 280 26.8
Cardamom Powder 0.5 teaspoon 3.8 0.01
Oil 0.5 litre 4500 632.5 0.01
5718.3 660.24 0.01

Preparation Method

  1. 1 Soak the Rice for 30mins and rinse it in Water and grind the Rice in a mixer to a nice powder
  2. 2 Add Jaggery in a pan with 1/2 cup of Water and when it dissolves it Water take it and strain the Jaggery Water to avoid sand
  3. 3 Again bOil the Jaggery Water and keep stirring it unTil the Jaggery comes to stone consistency.
  4. 4 This means when we take a drop of Jaggery juice and pour it in Water, it should not dissolve rather we should be able to make a ball out of it.
  5. 5 Now remove the Jaggery from flame and add to the wet Rice powder and mix it well along with Cardamom Powder.
  6. 6 Now the adhirasam mixture is ready for preparation.
  7. 7 Keep this adhirasam mixture aside for at least one day