Mitha Khaja Recipe

Preparation Time
Difficulty Moderately easy
Occasion Diwali
Recipe Type Sweets
Cuisine West India

Mitha Khaja is a very spicy, tasteful, tantalizing, tempting recipe.It's very delicious and yummy recipe. Just follow our quicker and easier method to make / Prepare Mitha Khaja and enjoy this luscious, mouth watering recipe. Let’s learn how to make/prepare Mitha Khaja by following this easy recipe.


Ingredient Quantity Calories Fat Cholestrol
All purpose flour 1.5 cup 681.6
Jaggery 0.5 cup 125
Water 1 cup 0
Cardamom Powder 0.25 teaspoon 1.9 0.01
Ghee 1 as required 46.15 5 1.3
854.65 5.01 1.3

Preparation Method

  1. 1 Heat the Water and Jaggery Till all of it dissolves in the Water.
  2. 2 Strain and cool a bit.
  3. 3 Mix the Cardamom Powder and Ghee in the all all purpose flour.
  4. 4 Knead the all all purpose flour with the Jaggery Water.
  5. 5 The dough should be stiff but pliable.
  6. 6 Break into approx. 20 parts.
  7. 7 Knead each with palm and roll into 4" rounds.
  8. 8 Make many tiny slits with knife or fork on each on both sides.
  9. 9 Keep them aside on a clean cloth for an hour or so to dry a bit.
  10. 10 Deep fry in hot Ghee on low flame Till light golden in colour.
  11. 11 Drain and cool for a while.
  12. 12 The khajas will become crisper and harder as they cool.
  13. 13 Store in airtight container after cooling completely.